3 girls and a granny

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 14, 2009 06:58:09 October 14, 2009 06:58:09

That atrocity of a Vogue cover, now there’s a behind the scenes video which makes evident the magnitude of their f-ckery. How they managed to ass up these four women in that setting … it’s epic.

You will also note from the clip that the girls are close. Correction: three of the girls are close. Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, and Marion Cotillard – they are adorable together. A lot of hugs, giggles, squeezes of encouragement, teasing each other…Kate is particularly yappy. In a lighthearted, endearing easy way, Kate Hudson is a girl’s girl. And I LOVE her comment about Sophia Loren. Please. Can you imagine?

Then there’s Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman. Apart from when they’re all actually posing, clearly they weren’t able to find much footage of her cavorting with the others.

I guess you can’t blame her.

Penelope Cruz is so beautiful, and natural, it’s ridiculous. And my Marion…well it goes without saying. As for Kate – so vibrant and real, it was probably an affront to Gran’s forehead. To watch a 30 year old laugh so bawdily without worrying about creases.

Granny doesn’t seem like she’s much fun.


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