Kate Hudson and The Artist

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 23, 2013 16:12:06 April 23, 2013 16:12:06

This is Kate Hudson last night at the NY premiere of The Reluctant Fundamentalist. I’m really into this white sweater dress. It’s not for everyone, and I couldn’t wear it, definitely not, but on her, it’s a good look. There’s just...something bothering me about her hair lately. Is it too...stiff, or something?

In other Kate news, she’s going back to work soon. It’s been a while. Deadline reported yesterday that she’ll play James Franco’s wife in Good People about a couple living in an inherited family home who spend too much money renovating it and now they’re in debt. Suddenly one of their tenants dies and there’s almost half a million dollars in cash just lying around his apartment.

What would you do?

In Chinese culture, even if you find a dollar lying around you’re not supposed to take it. You either leave it or you donate it, because otherwise it’s very, very, very bad luck. They make movies about this in China all the time -- ghost stories about what happens to people who spend money that’s not theirs. Think of how cash has travelled, who has touched it, who has lost it, the love that’s been broken over it, the blood shed because of it. What could be more haunted than cash? My ma raised me on haunted cash stories, so much that it’s made me afraid of winning the lottery. Crazy, right? But let’s say that you have a good job, a comfortable life, you’re healthy, and reasonably happy and then you win the lottery -- millions upon millions of dollars. If life is balance and give and take, what’s the exchange to suuuuuuch a major bonus?

Sorry. Back to Kate -- she and the Artist Franco will start shooting Good People in London in May.


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