Princess at the Supermarket

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Can it be last Friday again? I miss last Friday.

Princess Catherine* was photographed at the Waitrose in Anglesey, Wales yesterday – home for her and Prince William, just settling into life on their modest farmhouse, and she the doting housewife preparing dinner for when he comes home from work at the air force base.

She has really, really great hair. And are they working on producing an heir? The Morton Report noted the other day that the trend is that royal babies come quickly. Charles and William were born within a year of their parents’ wedding. That, however, may be an old school approach. Will and Kate are modernising the system. They may decide they want to enjoy just being married for a while. This conversation could take up several hours. Maybe by Monday my Royal Obsession will wane. I have some doubts.

Anyway, someone asked me the other day if it’s all PR – the part about them living a rather ordinary life over there. In comparison to the palace-hopping you’d automatically assume from those in their position and, whether you believe it or not, it’s probably closer to a civilian existence than an upyourass one. This, after all, is how it was like for them when they met at St Andrews and where Will was left, relatively, undisturbed.

When I went there to report on the story for CTV in March, I saw the corner apartment Will occupied – it wasn’t the Throne Room, I’m telling you, and the places they hung out, the pubs, the cafes, it’s all very… unremarkable. In fact, I remember going into the loo at Ma Bells and thinking to myself that the facilities were cramped and that he would have had no privacy taking a leak. I mean sure, of course, he has his own security team, obviously, and they’d station themselves at a distance to offer protection, but it’s not like he could ever walk around without it. Most of the people we talked to said they barely noticed on a daily basis. The bodyguards would sit in a kebab shoppe all day down the road. This really was the closest he could come to being ordinary.

Am told their home then is not massive, and while there’s someone who comes in and tidies up, maybe helps with the cooking now and again, there’s no full time staff up in there waiting on them day and night.
What she actually does with her time is a different story.

For starters, I guess she goes for groceries. In skinny jeans, a sweater, and, always, wearing that famous engagement ring. I would be afraid to walk around with it like that, especially at the Waitrose. You know when you buy meat and sometimes the meat juice leaks out of the plastic? I wouldn’t want to get meat juice on that ring is all I’m saying.

But, again, she’s the Common Princess. It’s just a very, very smart image they’re cultivating. So, so, so smart.

*For those of you getting all huffy about “Princess”, this is why I’m calling her Princess as opposed to Duchess:

From The Daily Telegraph, Saturday April 30, 2011

“The Queen gave the couple their first wedding gift by bestowing on Prince William the title of Duke of Cambridge, meaning Miss Middleton will be known as HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. But in a break with protocol, Paddy Harverson, the Prince of Wales’s communications secretary, encouraged the public to use the names Prince William and Princess Catherine if they preferred. He said ‘I think it’s absolutely natural that the public might want to call them Prince William and Princess Catherine and no one is going to have any argument with that.’”

Harverson runs the messages out of Clarence House. Clarence House is the official residence of the Prince of Wales. Clarence House represents Prince Charles and his sons. Clarence House handled all the releases for the Wedding.

Photos from Keystone Press

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