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Kate Winslet was very, very, very surprised when she was named Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Steve Jobs. She wasn’t favoured to win, sure. But at the same time, she’s also been nominated for, like, a hundred Oscars. Kate Winslet is not Rachel Bloom who was doing YouTube videos two years ago. So… you know… it felt a little Taylor Swift to me. Also, her shout-out to the accomplishments of women in film felt a little too obvious, especially in light of those remarks she made about it being vulgar to talk about money in response to a question about equal pay

None of that bothered social media though. You know why? The Titanic Effect. I don’t have the same attachment to that movie that others do but I know it’s out there. You people have kept Jack and Rose alive for almost 20 years now. So when Jack & Rose reunited during commercial break last night…

Some of you lost your goddamn minds. This is fascinating to me. Because I think it’s been made pretty clear, in real life, that Leonardo DiCaprio is not Jack Dawson. I think it’s been made pretty clear that, in real life, Leo’s not all that interested in women as people and not mannequins, let alone willing to die of cold for them. He is, however, happy to be cold – and tell you about it a lot – in service of an individual acting award.

But that’s the powerful of a romantic fairy tale. And Jack Dawson’s really, really pretty, pretty face. That’s what you still see, isn’t it? Like your memories of Titanic are so strong there’s a veil that drops over your eyeballs the moment Leo shows up, projecting that beautiful boy back to you instead of the Jack Nicholson that he’s becoming.

Also attached – Jennifer Jason Leigh, once thought of as the favourite in this category, the Patricia Arquette of 2016. JJL, however, seems to be Michael Fassbender of actresses. Very little hustle. I wonder how much momentum she’s lost from this…

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