A new Kate?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 22, 2010 08:45:14 February 22, 2010 08:45:14

Kate Winslet presented to Colin Firth last night at the BAFTAs. Since I posted about her last week, many of you wrote to question whether or not she’s had something done. You see a difference in her face. Is it her eyes?

I agree – there’s a certain Madonna quality to her right now though obviously not horrifying. Not at all. On the contrary, she looks great. If it is something surgical however it would of course be antithetical to what Kate has always said she stands for. A natural, real woman … Just.Like.Us.


Is it?

Or is it a different makeup technique? I’ve asked our artists here on Olympic Morning. They are geniuses. I don’t sleep, and I throw myself into Lucky’s chair, and Lucky makes magic. Tomorrow, if I’m not too vain, I’ll post before and after shots. So you can see. And then you’ll think I’ve had plastic surgery too. Because Lucky is working with some sh-t. Some tired, ragged, stressed out sh-t. And somehow she makes the end result ok for tv. It doesn’t require a lot of makeup either, nor does she take an hour. 15 minutes tops, and highlighting is the secret technique.

The point?

Makeup can do wonders.

In Kate’s case then, because she’s had such an excellent track record, because she isn’t Nicole Kidman, because she has never given us a reason to doubt her, I’m saying it’s makeup. She’s earned the benefit of the doubt, non?

Photos from Wenn.com

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