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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 26, 2009 15:39:10 November 26, 2009 15:39:10

Kate Winslet.

Some celebrities, when they’ve been up in our faces for a while on promotion or whatever, promise they’ll go away quietly once their sh-t is over. And then they never leave.

Kate Winslet said last year following promotion for Revolutionary Road and her Oscar run for The Reader that she had no plans to work and wanted to chill out, be with her kids, stay away from the spotlight for a while. And she did. She rarely ventures out, rarely hits the carpet circuit, is not frequently papped…

And she lives in New York. Eat that Jessica Biel.

Kate was honoured tonight in Berlin at the Bambi Awards. She turned up to collect her statue in a black gown with glitter cap sleeves. Regal and serene and, always, classy.

The Reader was filmed in Germany and Kate said at the event:

"Ever since we made 'The Reader' I'm always trying to find ways to come back to Germany -- it was special."

Kate turned 34 last month, is rumoured to be attached to a few new projects but nothing has been officially confirmed. I’d like to think that she doesn’t care if her agent is getting impatient.

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