New Year with chaperone

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A couple of weeks ago I posted these photos of Katie Holmes in LA leaving the gym with her minder. A “friend”. You know how it goes. “Friends” must be approved. So is it a friend or is it, as noted then, a chaperone? Whatever. When she’s with The Chaperone she’s allowed to drive herself. And this morning, with The Chaperone, in Vancouver, she was back at spin class at 6am. They like to work out beside each other too. The Chaperone apparently asked the dude who was in the bike next to Katie’s to move so that they didn’t have to be apart. They both enthusiastically and graciously congratulated the instructor at the end of the session. Oh and Katie “wore legit biking shoes”. Needless to, she’s really into it. And there’s nothing like spin to burn 600 – 700 calories, if you really giv’er, an hour. I know this. But I can’t do it. I hate spin. So much. It hurts my crotch. Exercise is painful and hideous enough without having your lady business punched repeatedly and, frankly, unnecessarily for 60 minutes straight.

Anyway, Katie is in Vancouver because Tom Cruise has returned after a holiday break to resume shooting Mission Impossible 4. So, obviously, those dumbass Star Magazine reports of a split were, as always, dumbass. The movie is marked for the 2011 Christmas box office. KatE is locked down until then and beyond.

Thanks Katy!

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