Co-ed Katie

August 1, 2012 16:45:31 Posted at August 1, 2012 16:45:31
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Katie Holmes was photographed in New York yesterday. Tom Cruise took Suri to Disney World so she's on her own in the city.  She looks like a college student, non?

It's yet another side of the new single Katie. She takes cabs. Her hair is long and often unbrushed. She's no longer expected to be groomed in the likeness of a Mrs Cruise. This Katie then is more youthful and casual, a girl who could blend in on campus, the approachable one who doesn't intimidate men or threaten women. Not unlike how Michelle Williams seemed in Brooklyn during the early days following Heath Ledger's death. Interesting on many levels, especially in light of Vulture's recent article on Katie's strategic plan post-split, making mention that she was jealous of Williams's success.

Katie wants the same. We may be cheering her for her brilliant playbook, but the fact that she has a playbook at all tells you there is calculation here beyond the act of leaving him. Ambition takes people to strange places though. Look what happened to her predecessor Nicole Kidman.

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