GMD and Robo saving the economy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 5, 2009 08:42:40 January 5, 2009 08:42:40

What recession?

The NY Post is reporting that while living in New York the last six months, Katie Holmes has spent $14 million. Most of that is attributable to 3 apartments the Cruises reportedly purchased in the same building where the GMD has owned a loft since 1985. On top of that there’s child care, dining out, entertainment for Little Sci, clothing for Little Sci, clothing for Katie, gym equipment, and miscellaneous other extras that keep the Robo functioning.

Meanwhile in its second week of release Valkyrie’s box office did not see a significant drop, it’s two week total now hovers just above $60 million which means it’s not only officially NOT a flop, it’s actually being called a “mid-sized hit” as the film is expected to make all of its production money back from domestic ticket sales giving the studio the potential of a small profit from international box offices.

In other words: the MiniVan saved Tom Cruise.

Attached – Tom and KatE all smiles just before New Year’s. And why not? Millions of idiots are still willing to buy their fraud.

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