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The organisers at New York Fashion Week must be meangirls. Well, of course they are. Katie Holmes’s first NYFW presentation for Holmes & Yang will take place on the same day that Victoria Beckham shows her latest collection. Well that’s convenient. At least now they’ll have a workable excuse as to why they can’t go support each other.

Posh is now, ahem, considered a runway regular. Her clothes have been well received though it’s still debatable whether or not people actually think she designs them herself. Katie’s designs however...


She claims they are her own creations (with her partner) and I believe her. Because, as you’ve seen, they are Sh-t. Still, again, as I reported last month - click here for a refresher - Katie, like Posh has never covered American Vogue. And you know how Anna Wintour loves to f-ck with Victoria. Katie just might beat her ex-bff to it.

Here’s Katie with Suri on a bike the other day and going to see a show with her re-publicist Leslie Sloane with whom she got back together after breaking up with Tom Cruise. Suri is wearing Jeune Fille by Roger Vivier for kids. They retail for several hundred dollars. Proceeds from the children’s line will go to support several charities including New Yorkers For Children (click here).

Why does a 6 year old need to ride her bike in shoes that cost more than your car payment? It’s ridiculous, sure. But at the same time, it’s not like Katie Holmes goes shopping at Walmart, you know? And besides, since her mother is single now and trying to maintain status with all her connections, Suri is Roger Vivier’s best advertiser. Maybe they should think of coming out with a line of active footwear then.

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