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There was a time when I’d look forward to being alone -- on the subway, in my car, right before bed -- so that I could daydream about Keanu Reeves without interruption. There were several scripts I would revise over and over again in my head. I think the one I settled on eventually involved us meeting in Asia somewhere -- because of our shared Asian heritage, obviously -- and him falling in love with me because of my awesome Chinese talking skills.

Here’s Keanu in Cannes today promoting the film The Man Of Tai Chi. There are no lingering daydreams. Not because he’s almost 50 -- RDJ is almost 50 and I have no problems daydreaming about him -- but because Keanu carries so much sadness around him, on him, it’s hard to conjure the fantasy.

Keanu directs The Man Of Tai and he plays the bad guy opposite his kung fu trainer Tiger Chen. Shooting wrapped a couple of weeks ago after 3 months in Beijing and Hong Kong. The Man Of Tai Chi was mostly financed with Chinese money and features dialogue in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. How was it for Keanu directing a movie in languages he doesn’t speak?

"I had to listen. The process was very collaborative, and I had great support in terms of translators." Reeves himself, he said, has a "pretty good fight in this film", and he wanted the "fighting sequences to tell the story. I saw them as acting scenes."

OK I can’t. I can’t not segue here to this. I tried so hard and I’m too sh-tty of a person:

The Man Of Tai Chi will be released in China in July and later on this year around the world. Click here for more from Keanu on his experience making the movie.

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