Kerry is Pregnant, but not “carrying”

Maria Posted by Maria at October 30, 2013 18:37:40 October 30, 2013 18:37:40

I’m very late to Scandal. I started it this season after watching an hour-long recap. It’s pulpy, entertaining, ridiculous and one of the few shows I actually care to watch in real time.

This is largely because of Kerry Washington. She’s an excellent actress and a very interesting celebrity. She’s smart, well-spoken, educated and fashionable, but she’s not a “fashion girl” – you know, the kind who spend more time in the front row than on set. And for now, she’s managed to be private without being a grump about it.

But now she’s pregnant – and for most, this is when the strategy changes. This is when private becomes “celebrity private” (please give me my space while I show you my nursery). She announced today because she is doing SNL this weekend (after US Weekly broke the exclusive) and didn’t want her bump to be the topic of conversation (and if only it wasn’t – this is the most useless/unreliable/degrading obsession with female celebrity bodies that other women encourage). But here’s the thing: instead of huffy denials or pleas for privacy, Kerry simply confirmed and will move on. Now her pregnancy announcement is just a small story (and on some sites, Kristin Cavallari’s pregnancy is ranking higher in terms of the feed, and I’m positive Kerry doesn’t mind).

She is a major TV star and won’t be sharing ultrasound photos or hopes and dreams for her baby or her post-partum diet tricks; she is pretty much going to give us nothing. This is almost unheard of in this baby/mother-crazed day and age. I almost feel bad for the writers who have to cover the Kerry Washington pregnancy beat because they are going to be begging for crumbs.

But even I can’t help but be excited about two things:

Her maternity clothes, especially if she has to promote the next season of Scandal while pregnant. I can’t wait to see what she wears because I always can’t wait to see what she wears, and how the designers adjust to her body.

And… will Olivia Pope be pregnant, too?!


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