Sally Draper cast in Flowers In The Attic

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Please click here for my initial post on the upcoming Lifetime adaptation of Flowers In The Attic. All I’m saying is don’t try to tell me it doesn’t have an effect.  

Kiernan Shipka has signed on to play “Cathy”, alongside a cherub I don’t know named Mason Dye whose blonde hair and blue eyes seem tailor-made to get his heart broken by “Momma”.

So, like creepers, all of us adults who are following this story are waiting to find out – is there going to be incest, or isn’t there?  My impression is that there is, or at least the implication of it, if not, you know, explicitness. And it’s at this point that I say “sorry, other actresses”.

Sorry, but you never had a chance. Shipka has been dealing with material well beyond her years FOR years. A little anger at Momma and The Grandmother is nothing. You think you can handle squeamish scenes with your pseudo-brother?  Call me when you’ve masturbated onscreen, watched a blowjob happening (one hopes child labour laws means she was looking at something else, but she still had to react to it) and cut your hair off so you’re more sexually attractive to Daddy.

Shipka’s really right for the role, too. There’s a healthy amount of disdain for Momma that really could only be accurately cultivated by being Betty Draper’s daughter for 15 years. In fact, you could argue that Sally’s been living this – minus the arsenic, of course – since her mother married Henry Francis. So I have no doubts she can do it.

I do wonder whether she’s going to do a 180 from this kind of material sometime soon though. Everyone needs a break from the emotionally exhausting, don’t they?  When is she going to get to be in her own version of Mean Girls? Something to cut the tension and let her be an actual teenage girl for a change? Or will she wait and do those in her 20s, like Drew Barrymore, who never met a romcom she didn’t like after years of the dark stuff? 

Like how long can you do this before it has an effect?

Attached – Kiernan Shipka at a Variety event a couple of weeks ago.

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