Sally Draper and Kathy Dollanganger

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 22, 2014 16:32:24 January 22, 2014 16:32:24

I am still so angry about how sh-t Flowers In The Attic was. Clarification: not the right kind of sh-t. I mean, I was ready for sh-t. But good sh-t. Dirty, campy, uncomfortable sh-t. Not boring sh-t. SO BORING. Grandmother was almost sympathetic! They…CUDDLED!

Here’s the only takeaway from Flowers In The Attic: Heather Graham is the acting equivalent of Justin Timberlake. They should make a movie together.

As for Kiernan Shipka, well, she was abandoned. Eventually, the dead-eyed acting of everyone around her became too much. Here she is at a photo shoot yesterday likely to promote the new season of Mad Men for which, of course, she’ll go back to being Sally Draper.

Courtney, who was with Duana and me on the liveblog, made a monumental observation the other night while we were suffering through the show: Betty and Sally Draper = Corinne and Kathy Dollanganger Foxworth? I think Duana’s worldview changed at that moment. So, now that I think about it, that might be the movie’s redemption – that it led us to that observation.


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