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Last week I picked my top 5 Kleenex® moments from this year’s awards season.  Click here if you missed it. As I mentioned then, Kleenex ® is rolling out a series of exclusive new Isaac Mizrahi designs to their boxes, dispensers, and other forms of packaging so that even if you’re blowing your nose, you can do it while reaching for something that looks a lot classier.  

The Kleenex brand design team pulls inspiration from a variety of home décor and fashion trends to forecast trends up to four years in advance and anticipate consumer needs, providing the most fashion-forward designs.  When you add Isaac Mizrahi, award-winning designer and fashion icon, to that situation, you get an exclusive line of products to enhance your personal and home décor with innovative designs from Kleenex Cool Touch to Kleenex Hand Towels to Kleenex Everyday Tissues. And I know you people care about what it looks like when people come over. I know. Don’t lie.

Isaac has offered you some of his tips this spring to steeze up your presentation:

Most important essentials for everyday fashion style –
Grooming is always important. A fresh haircut completes any look.

Key style elements for every home –
Surround yourself with happy things. Isaac says bright colour always makes him happy in his home, so decide what makes you happy in yours.

Small pops of style make a big impact –
Colour can change the look and feel of a room instantly. A colourful rug, throw pillows, or a great painting can transform a room.

Marry style and function when decorating – 
Start by choosing things you love. If you aren’t sure about something, don’t buy it. Then, decide if it’s practical for your home.

Use colour and patterns effectively – 
Isaac says he loves mixing prints. (Lainey: ME TOO. Think of stripes as a neutral. It works every time.) His den, for example, is a mixture of floral and stripes. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, you might love the result.

To get more information about the new packaging designs at please click here and like them at, or hit them up on Twitter here.

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