June 27, 2013 15:37:27 Posted at June 27, 2013 15:37:27
Duana Posted by Duana
Wenn, FameFlynet

No, I disagree with these photos. NO. To use an overused phrase -- DO NOT LIKE.

Why is Veronica Mars holding hands with Stosh Piznarski? Do I have to sit through this with them?

(Lainey: LoVe FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Because of course, there will have to be some annoying romantic entanglement.   But does it have to be Piz? It couldn’t be deputy Leo? Seriously? An ill-advised fling with Dick? Something? A dude once drunkenly told me that he was trying to remind himself to hold my hand in the “friend” way, but kept slipping into the “relationship” way. The “friend” way is the one demonstrated above. So maybe I’m overreacting?

Additionally, is it V. Mars or K. Bell who has the oral fixation? The plastic thing is back in her mouth AGAIN. 

Guys, that is Piz, right? 

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