It’s time for Kristen Stewart

September 6, 2012 15:20:55 Posted at September 6, 2012 15:20:55
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Fame/Flynet, PUNKD Images, R Chiang / Sharky /Splash

Kristen Stewart flew to Toronto from LA yesterday in advance of tonight’s 9pm TIFF screening of On The Road. It’s her first official public appearance since, you know. Looper is the big opening gala at Roy Thomson Hall at 8pm. I wonder though if there will actually be more press at the Ryerson and/or a mad scramble from RTH to the Ryerson to get to Stewart’s carpet. Ryerson University is a great venue for this film. The crowd is allowed to get a lot closer at Ryerson. It feels a little maverick at the Ryerson, east of the fancy lights of the main festival corner on King Street, where you can smell the gyros shoppe down the block. And this is where Twi-Hards will be camped out, voices rested, ready to scream and scream and scream to show support for their wounded girl who is ready to get back to work. In a great pair of boots. Good. Because those don’t look like sorry boots. Those aren’t the boots of someone begging for forgiveness. I hope those boots are a sign of what we’ll see on the carpet -- direct eyes, no skulking, with the attitude that it’s going to be hard because I know I f-cked up but I can take it, and in doing so I’ll show you that we can move on. It’s time.

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