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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 12, 2010 14:02:44 March 12, 2010 14:02:44

Kristen Stewart’s makeup last night at the LA premiere of The Runaways was gorgeous. Fresh and glow and young and promising, love it.

As for the dress, you Twi-Hards have been asking for my opinion on it all day… I don’t.

The colour - wonderful. She popped. Amazing. And on the hanger, it’s a great idea. One of those pieces that shows better than it wears. But put aside your bias, this is difficult for the deranged, I understand, but put aside your bias and look closely at how it fits. Especially around the stomach. It’s bunching, you see? It’s bunching and it’s giving her an imaginary gut.

We all know Kristen Stewart has no gut. She is all arms and legs and lanky and lean. So a dress that gives her a gut? It’s an automatic no thank you. Especially on the heels of her f-cking spectacular on Leno the night before, in a little black dress that she totally owned, I’m just saying there’s a cheapness to the construction of this one last night that isn’t worthy of Stewart’s steeze.

But she’s in a kickass new movie that truly allows her to show some range. The Runaways? Loved every second. It opens next weekend. You should. Not only because it rocks but because this is the kind of movie that scares those bitches who shop at American Girl and call Shiloh a lesbian.

PS. Have you heard about the different factions of Twi-Hards? Lately the hate that’s been flooding my inbox has been decidedly anti-Stewart. Because she’s not good enough for “our Rob”. Here’s one to send you along on your weekend. From Lori in Seattle:

why don’t u take ur lame-ass fried rice c-nt out of KStew’s asshole. u sound like a f-cken lesbo and ur husband should b ashamed. bitch doesn’t treat Rob right cuz she ain’t no lady. no lady would walk around like she does with those sh-t manners and that twisted mug, why cant u b happy, bizzatch? ingrateful slut is bringing Rob down. u can stop supporting her ass 2. 1 day I’ll be laughing when he leaves her dope smoking ass 4 some1 who deserve him. our Rob sometime has bad taste but 1 day he’ll realize.

Ok Rob, good luck with the realising.

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