Why did you change?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 14, 2012 19:21:20 December 14, 2012 19:21:20

Jacek commented as soon as Kristen Stewart was introduced by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night how attractive she is. They’d just played the clip of her dancing wildly in On The Road and she’s such a lively combination of innocence and sex and youth and freedom in that moment, his reaction is understandable. As I noted after seeing the film in Cannes, Stewart really is magnificent in the film. She was pushed out of her comfort zone, she says, and the payoff is there, totally.

There was no pushing during the interview though. Jon decided not to play. And since she’s not the most engaging person in these situations, it wasn’t great television, and certainly not his best of the week which would probably be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was challenged by his host, resulting in a respectfully combative discussion.

Stewart wore a striped dress under a blazer for her appearance on The Daily Show. Then, unfortunately, she changed. Into sheer Erdem and neon heels. I can defend Kristen Stewart style almost always...but here, it’s not possible unless you’re a Twi-Hard. Look at the creases in the blue/silver sateen - dreaded sateen! Look at the how the sheer is bunching up around her waist, making her look like she has rolls. Look at where the band of those shorts sits above her hips, an awkward spot, especially for someone not known for great posture. Come on, even the most devout KSTEWFOREVERWOW fan has to admit it’s not at all flattering. In fact, it’s actually a disservice -- Stewart, 22 and fresh, is wearing it like a middle-aged woman who is clueless about how her body has matured and evolved. I don’t actually understand how a stylist allows this to happen.

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