SO much better than that busted wig

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 7, 2009 09:13:00 September 7, 2009 09:13:00

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Kristen Stewart’s hair. Her real hair. Still wearing the Joan Jett mullet. Love.

It is a wig, see?

It’s a wig with a dumbass hairline they put on every day for “Bella” instead of extensions. Given Stewart’s reputation for no frills, she would probably hate extensions. After all, Kristen Stewart is no Hollywood Ebola Hilton. Or Lindsay Lohan. Good.

But fack. Was that the best wig option available? Really?

Kristen went out yesterday with Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser. Shopping. And still so pretty even though she looks like she’s wearing eyeliner that she didn’t bother washing off from the night before. Oh Girlcrush, please don’t change.

Hardcore Twi-Hards of course are complaining that she should never have cut her hair in the first place because girls should only have long bouncy ringlets. Girls should also avoid pants and only take jobs as secretaries.

But enough Twi-Hardery for now…

Because this is our first glimpse at Paris Latsis, former fiancé of Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton, the blackest of all vaginal viruses, now boyfriend of Nikki Reed, in Vancouver hanging out with his girl and her girlfriends. Judging from those sunglasses, the Infection still lingers. He’s probably wearing an Ed Hardy tee underneath that hoodie.

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