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Last year we launched an exciting new partnership with vitaminwater Canada. LaineyGossip copy was featured on the labels on vitaminwater zero bottles and several of my essays were published on the vitaminwater Tumblr: on wedding etiquette, on Thanksgiving, New Year’s resolutions, and more. And then there was…

The Faculty Of Celebrity Studies. In our freshman year, we made Gossip academic in Halifax, Ottawa, and Calgary. And since we are sophomores now, our course load has expanded… from 3 cities to 6!

Here are our tour stops:

Tuesday, March 26 – Victoria
Wednesday, April 10 – Edmonton
Thursday, April 11 – Winnipeg
Wednesday, April 24 – Halifax
Thursday, April 25 – Montreal
Monday, April 29 – London, ON

Save the dates!

More information will follow about enrollment -- can’t wait to see you there!

In addition to the tour, I’m also going to be posting to the vitaminwater Tumblr again this year, except this time it will be about YOU.

The best part of my TED Talk experience last year was that it gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible speakers doing some amazing things you might never hear about: a marine biologist who studies the impacts of noise pollution in the arctic on marine wildlife; a scientist who explores the best ways of redirecting Earth-dooming meteors… with spray paint; a local entrepreneur who gives the homeless in his community a purpose through hard, honest work in his deli; and other stories from people you might run into every day and not even realize how brilliant they are because they mix and mingle among all of us and aren’t praised for making movies, throwing touchdowns, or singing hit singles.

These stories inspired me and there are many similar stories of #everydaybrilliance all around us that I am excited to share with you.  Each month I will interview one of YOU to highlight your #everydaybrilliance.  These #everydaybrilliance profiles will be posted to the vitaminwater Tumblr blog and I hope you read them and share your stories or those of your friends as well.  If you’d like to nominate someone whose #everydaybrilliance should be showcased, email me at [email protected] with #everydaybrilliance as the title and tell me about this awesome person. They deserve to be recognised!

To kick things off, vitaminwater has asked me to complete an #everydaybrilliance questionnaire. There is no brilliance in being a gossip, but if I’m going to be asking some questions of you, it’s only fair that I be willing to answer them myself.  Please click to see that post here.

Look forward to meeting you on the Faculty tour OR during our interview when your #everydaybrilliance is being shared!

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