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In light of NBC’s f-ckery, how about some Glee love?

They’re starting to get papped!

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were in New York this weekend at a Broadway show on Sunday, Lea’s old stomping grounds, and were surrounded by fans and photogs. Cory arrived in NYC from Washington a couple of days before and, um, apparently only has one change of clothes.

It’s time to go shopping. After all, Glee has been picked up for a full season. Grey Goose!

Also heads up to you Canadians who were not aware – Cory is Canadian. From Vancouver Island.

His face right? He can’t help it but his face reminds me of Chris Klein. Chris Klein is gross.

Happily however Cory, unlike Chris Klein, celebrates his own dorky. He’s lovably, adorably dorky.

Photos from Andrew Rocke/

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