Dance Dance Revolution

Maria Posted by Maria at August 29, 2013 14:25:37 August 29, 2013 14:25:37

Some alternate titles I came up with for this post: Tangoing with Xenu, Don’t Step on Tom Cruise’s Toes and Will Shelly Miscavige Sit In The Front Row?

Leah Remini is confirmed as a contestant on season 17 (how has it had 17 seasons?!) of Dancing With the Stars. I know, I know, not exactly must-watch TV BUT – it’s popular and family-friendly, both key components in a battle against Xenu. Leah not only kicked Xenu to the curb but is also writing a tell-all, so the more she can get out in front of people, the better.

Just like Katie Holmes, who was very high profile with Suri immediately after the divorce announcement, visibility is key. Showing you aren’t afraid, letting the media help with your story – it worked wonders for Katie and it will for Leah, too. Secrecy is a big part of the Xenu’s crew, with allegations of intimidation, spying, harassment and shady behavior for those who have defected. Leah is loud, she is mouthy and she is obviously not going to go quietly. What did we expect from someone who filed a missing person report for Shelly Miscavige?

She’s also not alone: Remini was raised in the religion and her family has left as well, meaning that a key tactic against defectors – having someone declared a suppressive person and ostracized by those who still wish to practice – is moot. Think how effective that would be: who would want to be shunned by their parents, siblings, spouse, even kids?

So she has her family and with this she has an audience in a very coveted time slot. She’ll be on TV a few times a week, show off her sassy personality, do loads of interviews and, if she makes it far, prove how much the public is behind her. In terms of her career, it is quite smart; it’s not a hit sitcom, but with one of those under her belt she’s not short on cash. Plus this still allows her time to write the book.

Leah has an endgame, and it’s not a novelty trophy from a reality show.


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