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Lena devours her Boss-adillia

Dean Posted by Dean at August 1, 2013 17:06:12 August 1, 2013 17:06:12
Splash, INF

We may not all agree that Girls is a great show, and it’s certainly not the most diverse, but those who do watch regularly agree the messaging is good: feminist, body/sex positive, complicated female characters are something we all want to see more on our TVs. Today, a real life image from the set has come out that I hope will deliver an equally powerful message to Lena's young fans. Full Story

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Melissa McCarthy on weight perspective

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 26, 2013 17:12:55 June 26, 2013 17:12:55
FameFlynet, Blayze/ 247PapsTV/ Splash

Melissa McCarthy made a comment during an interview with MORE Magazine recently that reminded me of a conversation I recently had with Duana. Here’s McCarthy’s quote: "I've been every size in the world. Parts of my twenties, I was in great shape, but I didn't appreciate it. Full Story

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Memorial Day with Taylor Swift

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 27, 2013 18:24:49 May 27, 2013 18:24:49
Jose Perez/ Splash, Christopher Polk/ Getty

Taylor Swift is on tour and some of her friends have joined her on the road. She recently bought an estate in Rhode Island and she spent part of the weekend there with her parents and her crew, including Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Szohr, Ed Sheeran, and Lena Dunham and her boyfriend Jack Antonoff, of Fun. Full Story

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From Girls to Fangirl

Dean Posted by Dean at April 24, 2013 16:57:36 April 24, 2013 16:57:36
Splash, TIMOTHY A. CLARY/ Getty

What a relief it is to see Lena Dunham having the time of her life at the TIME gala! This lady gets so much grief for her work, her tweets, her body and, as a 26 year old show runner, she must be under the kind of pressure I hope I never come to understand. But you wouldn’t know any of that as she kisses Claire Danes on the red carpet, parties with Padma, Amy, and Mia and genuinely looks like she’s just up for a good f*cking time. Full Story

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Lena after Charlie

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 11, 2013 15:09:25 April 11, 2013 15:09:25

These are the first pap shots of Lena Dunham, on the set of Girls this week, since Page Six broke the news last week that Christopher Abbott “Charlie” quit Girls over creative differences: “They’ve just started work on Season 3, and Chris is at odds with Lena,” a source said. Full Story

On Jerks

Duana Posted by Duana at February 18, 2013 15:15:11 February 18, 2013 15:15:11
Neilson Barnard/ Getty

Girls Season 2 Episode 6 recap You know, it occurs to me that Hannah is kind of a jerk.   This isn’t, or shouldn’t be, news. But it really struck me as an immutable fact when she was so flippant to Ray about getting his book back from Adam, no matter how implausible and flimsy the excuse about the book (and really, show, make it something even a little more plausible – Clockwork Orange? - and we could feel sad that Ray is 33 going on 20). Full Story

Corners Like It’s On Rails

Duana Posted by Duana at February 11, 2013 15:35:30 February 11, 2013 15:35:30

Girls Season 2 Episode 5 recap I have never gambled. I’ve never been to a casino – I didn’t even try to learn at a charity casino thing I was at a couple of weeks ago. I have literally never purchased a lottery ticket, nor even a scratch card. But I would bet literally thousands of dollars that the premise for this episode of Girls came up because someone in the writer’s room couldn’t stop watching a repeat of Pretty Woman or quoting it in the room or was late for an appointment because it was running on TBS Superstation. Full Story

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“Show-sh”? Really?

Duana Posted by Duana at February 4, 2013 15:36:03 February 4, 2013 15:36:03

Girls Season 2 Episode 4 recap I would’ve thought the nickname for Shoshanna would be more “Shawsh”.   What do I know? Fine. Show-sh. I want to point out what should be obvious. I think Jessa is a horrible human being.   It’s one thing to be honest about yourself, but that’s not what was going on – not even a little. Full Story

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Small Moments of Pride

Duana Posted by Duana at January 21, 2013 15:22:42 January 21, 2013 15:22:42

Girls Season 2 Episode 2 recap It is understating the case by a lot to say I’ve never been a gusher about Girls, but I find it’s easiest for me to stomach if I think of it from a nostalgia point of view.   Honestly. I’ve decided it’s The Wonder Years without the narration. Full Story

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Girls, Season 2 Episode 1 recap

Duana Posted by Duana at January 15, 2013 16:05:32 January 15, 2013 16:05:32
Frederick M. Brown/ Kevin Winter/ Getty

Girls Season 2 Episode 1 Welcome back, y’all. Season 2 of this little show nobody’s heard about that hasn’t been talked about at all. But I think it’s important, as much as possible, to discuss the show separately from the entire cottage industry of media that has sprung up around it. Full Story

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Globes Groan: Lena Dunham

Duana Posted by Duana at January 14, 2013 22:27:44 January 14, 2013 22:27:44
Jason Merritt/ FREDERIC J. BROWN/ Handout/ Getty

Oh my Lord with the Dunham and the backlash and the whiplash. Why is it that everyone else can have opinions about everything else but the Lena Dunham situation makes it impossible to have a dissenting opinion? After watching last night I have to suspect people feel protective of her. She’s so gosh-golly and I forget that part of it. Full Story

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