The player and his Pussy Posse

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 5, 2009 07:35:26 August 5, 2009 07:35:26

He claims it was never formally called the Pussy Posse. Oh please. He and his boys rolled around hunting ass every night. It was totally a Pussy Posse. And apparently he’s revived it.

Leonardo DiCaprio is single. He and Bar, it would seem, have broken up for good this time. Supposedly.

And so he’s enjoying his new unattached status on holiday in Ibiza, surrounded by beauties in the sun. Thicker than I like him but his hair’s a little longer and this works for me. He looks good. And happy. And relaxed. And getting ready for a new round of promotion in September to support Shutter Island, yet another collaboration with Martin Scorsese. Have you seen the trailer? It looks GOOD.

Shutter Island was expected initially to be screened at the Venice Film Festival but was not listed on the film roster they announced last week so there are now rumours that Scorsese will bring it to TIFF instead. Rumours only, nothing confirmed, but imagine the Pussy Posse in Toronto? Oh la.

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