The smartest celebrity on Twitter

July 21, 2014 16:15:42 Posted at July 21, 2014 16:15:42
Lainey Posted by Lainey

And here he is…

According to TIME Leonardo DiCaprio is the smartest celebrity on Twitter based on the fact that his tweets use big words with more than 2 syllables. Seriously. That’s their measurement. Apparently the reading comprehension level of Twitter users averages at a fourth grade level. So all you have to do if you’re famous to appear smart is to drop words that sound complicated.

You know why this list doesn’t matter?

Because #2 is Pattie Mallette, JUSTIN BIEBER’S MOTHER.

And #8?


JK Rowling is #32, below Justin Bieber’s mother and a member of the Jersey Shore.

Also, Patton Oswalt didn’t make it.

That’s how seriously you should take this list.

Here’s Leo in Miami – of course Miami – this weekend continuing to make you forget about Romeo + Juliet. Or even The Departed.

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