Let’s Talk About The Best Celebrity Bums Cottonelle Edition – Channing Tatum

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 9, 2014 14:12:14 September 9, 2014 14:12:14

Butt season continues! As I mentioned last week Cottonelle approached us to highlight their bum-pampering products by highlighting the best celebrity butts in Hollywood. This job doesn’t suck. Jacek was quite happy to do extensive research on the subject and eagerly forwarded several recommendations. JLO was our first. Next? Let’s make it fair and celebrate on the men’s side…

Channing Tatum.


And you know, just like JLO, who’s making videos about her “Booty”, I really don’t think Channing Tatum would mind. After all, he gave us an entire movie – over two hours! – to appreciate this body part. He worked hard on this body part. He trained it. He molded it. He danced with it. He TOOK YOUR MONEY WITH IT.

When it’s that valuable, you have to protect it. Even the bums that might not be as perfect as Channing Tatum’s. Cottonelle takes bum service very seriously with their industry-leading products. This is premium bum care, the gold standard of bum appreciation and indulgence.

We regularly stock up with Cottonelle toilet paper (no lie).  It is super thick and I don’t feel like at any point it’s going to accidentally tear while wiping. What? You think that’s gross? We ALL do it. We ALL need it. Don’t pretend like that’s not a concern. Treat your bum like you treat your face. Isn’t Channing Tatum’s bum as important as his face? So, in addition to the high class toilet paper, I’ve also recently started respecting my bum with Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes. They come in an upright, moisture locked dispenser so they stay moist and don’t require a lot of space. The container is refillable so you’re not recycling plastic each time you finish.  Just get a replacement pack and you then you don’t have to be wiping your daily filth on clean sheets at night. Seriously, you’re an animal if you go to bed without at least a wet wipe after being out there surrounded by other people’s filth all day. Check them out for yourself at Cottonelle.com or on their Facebook page here.  

And check back next week for our final installment of the Best Celeb Butt, which I nominate as the leading butt in Hollywood right now.  Tweet me your suggestions with #cottonellebestcelebbutt between now and then!

Attached: Channing in Magic Mike and attending the Foxcatcher Press Conference at TIFF on Monday.

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