Duana Names: How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Name?

Duana Posted by Duana at August 5, 2015 19:54:24 August 5, 2015 19:54:24

Before I begin – my inbox is FULL of adorable grandparent names and malapropisms that became grandparent names. Compiling them for us all to enjoy later. Standby! Hi Duana, Where do we/you start?!? We are only just pregnant after trying for long time to conceive. We are very excited but nervous for a couple of reasons. Full Article

Duana Names: Names for people who already have names

Duana Posted by Duana at July 31, 2015 18:16:32 July 31, 2015 18:16:32
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Hi Duana, I'm not due until around Christmas, and my partner and I are still early in the baby name game (i.e. we're still pretty far apart on our choices). However, we have started thinking a lot about what the baby is going to call the grandparents. My partner's parents already have grandkids so we'll probably stick with the titles they use (nan and granddad), but this will be the first grandchild for my parents. Full Article

Smutty Fitness: Tight Calves

Hayley Posted by Hayley at July 31, 2015 13:58:34 July 31, 2015 13:58:34
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Hi Hayley, I'm training for my first 10km! I have been stop-start about trying to get fit for years, I am usually good for two-three weeks, then get lazy again. I also get pains in my lower legs, particularly the outside of my calf, which is a disincentive to go out and run. This time however, I've told people I'm doing it, so there's no backing out now! I have been using the Nike Training app (which is great!), however when I go running I usually have to stop and stretch my lower leg muscles again after 1-2km. Full Article

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Duana Names: How about a Z-sounding S?

Duana Posted by Duana at July 29, 2015 20:14:31 July 29, 2015 20:14:31

Hi Duana! Please help! My sister's first child (a boy) is due in early August and she wanted me to write to you because they are not even close to finding a name! We are Persian and both my sister and I and my two daughters have flower names (in Persian and English). However, for a boy, all we came up with is Forest. Full Article

Duana Names: A Totally New Question

Duana Posted by Duana at July 27, 2015 18:28:25 July 27, 2015 18:28:25

Hi Duana We are pregnant, and while I would love to find out the gender ASAP hubby would love it to be a surprise until birth, so I will do that for him. I figure between conceding that PLUS giving birth he will owe me big time!  We are lucky to have agreed on both a girl's name *and* boy's name. Full Article

Duana Names: I finally titled a column Mamma Mia

Duana Posted by Duana at July 24, 2015 19:19:16 July 24, 2015 19:19:16

Hi! Husband and I are due late August with our first babe, we are waiting to find out the sex. We are set on a girls name, his grandma that he was very close to was named Maria, and everyone called her Mika. So we are set on Mika for a girl. My middle name is Marie, and my grandma's name is Rose-Marie, so originally I was thinking Marie for a middle name. Full Article

Message From Sasha

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 23, 2015 21:03:38 July 23, 2015 21:03:38

Hi!  Remember me? First I need to apologize that it’s taken me this long to acknowledge my MIA-ness. The short and long of it is I’ve been going through some sh-t, some health sh-t that I’ve been dealing with for the better part of a year. So I needed some time off work and some time off the site to figure it all out. Full Article