Sasha Answers: Backstabber at my wedding

July 8, 2014 19:01:04 Posted at July 8, 2014 19:01:04
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Dear Sasha:  Need your help very much. I'm getting married in 4 months which I’m so excited for BUT and there’s a BIG BUT.  Last week one of my bridesmaids who has been my best friend for years told me that one of our mutual friends, who my best friend is closer to, is talking all this crap behind my back. Full Article

Duana Names: On Emergencies and Opie

July 8, 2014 15:29:52 Posted at July 8, 2014 15:29:52
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, I am due with a baby in two weeks(!) and my husband and I need your help. We do not know the gender. If it's a girl we're pretty sure she will be Ruby, but it's boys names where we get stuck! Names we kind of like (but not enough) are Oliver, Kai, Arlo, Leif and Opie. The name has to go with our toddler son's name, Henley Roy. Full Article

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2014

July 8, 2014 15:04:38 Posted at July 8, 2014 15:04:38
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

OBSESSED with this collection. The point cap shoulders? God, I just want to live in those all year. The entire runway is angel soldiers. Even the red dresses, and I don’t normally like red dresses, are amazing. And that final piece – with the ornate cape – LOOK AT THAT! LOOK AT IT! Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2014

July 7, 2014 20:00:49 Posted at July 7, 2014 20:00:49
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

Holy sh-t, these are some Ball Gowns. But with such beautiful structure. The detailing on some these pieces is exquisite. Super luxe. And modern too. Like this, the first image I’ve attached, with the patching on the sleeve, not unlike what you’d see on a baseball jersey, right?   Full Article

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Sasha Answers: Should I Tinder?

July 7, 2014 18:27:16 Posted at July 7, 2014 18:27:16
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, So me and my long time bf finally broke up a year ago and everyone's telling me I need to get out there in the dating scene again since it's been so long and it's time to move on. So they told me to try the dating sites or this app called Tinder? I don't go out much and all my friends are married with kids so it's not like I could drag one of them to a bar so I thought those dating sites might be a good idea? But I don't want to just meet sleazy gross men who are just looking for a good time and I think that's what Tinder is all about? What do you think? Please help! S --- F-ck man, Tinder is the best invention ever. Full Article

Paris Fashion Week: Versace Haute Couture F/W 2014

July 7, 2014 17:23:41 Posted at July 7, 2014 17:23:41
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

A lot of Versace on the runway looks cheap to me. The quality of this collection seems higher though. Maybe because there’s very little colour. Yes, JLO would wear most of it. As would Halle Berry. Angelina? She and Donatella work together often. Can you see her in any of this? Hopefully not the pantsuit. Full Article

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Sasha Answers: Did my best friend break Girl Code?

July 7, 2014 17:01:52 Posted at July 7, 2014 17:01:52
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Hi Sasha –I have a bridal party of 5 girls, and many of us go back many years together. One of my girls in particular, S, I’ve known for over 10 years and we’ve been there for one another throughout good times and bad. S is single and we’ve been there for one another through several bad breakups. Full Article


July 4, 2014 18:12:07 Posted at July 4, 2014 18:12:07
Sasha Posted by Sasha

WHAT:  LOVEleigh KIMONOS WHERE:  CLICK HERE WHY: I don't want to say kimonos are "in" because they've always been in, but let's just say they're making a major fashion resurgence. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Leather Backpacks

July 3, 2014 18:25:28 Posted at July 3, 2014 18:25:28
Sasha Posted by Sasha

My inbox has been flooded over the last couple months for leather backpacks and I can no longer deny the need!  So strap on and let’s do this.   And oh!  I know everyone is working with a different budget so to cover my bases I’ve limited myself to nothing more than 350. Full Article