Sasha Answers: peace out on your ex

November 11, 2013 17:52:50 Posted at November 11, 2013 17:52:50
Sasha Posted by Sasha

My ex and I were together for 4 years. I thought it was a great relationship. But while I was away on vacation, he broke up with me via text. When I asked why, he gave me a bunch of answers -- in short, he said that I'm not his ideal girl, he had growing resentments which he couldn't communicate before, and he didn't love me anymore. Full Article

Sasha Answers: your friend is a dog in heat

November 11, 2013 17:36:53 Posted at November 11, 2013 17:36:53
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I have a guy friend who I've known for two years. In the beginning of our friendship, we used to text each other often and have witty banter that was sometimes borderline flirtatious. Nothing happened because he had a girlfriend. We grew apart but recently, we've been forced to see each other at least once a week and things are getting uncomfortable. Full Article

Sasha’s INTO IT: Dora Teymur Salike Heels

November 8, 2013 18:21:19 Posted at November 8, 2013 18:21:19
Sasha Posted by Sasha

WHAT:  DORA TEYMUR SALIKE HEELS WHERE: CLICK HERE WHY: The mod meet modern silhouette. The masculine edge perfectly balanced by the feminine detailing. Please. You would have to be born with no eyes and no heart NOT to fall in love with these beauties. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Flat black boots under $500

November 8, 2013 18:12:01 Posted at November 8, 2013 18:12:01
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hey Sasha, I'm looking for some great black flat over-the-knee boots Can you help me find some for under $500? O ___ If you’re lucky enough to have little twigs for legs then lucky you because this style of boot looks best when it’s suctioned cupped right to them. For some pull-on options get clicking here (1... Full Article

Smutty Fitness: Healthy choices on a grad school schedule

November 8, 2013 15:33:19 Posted at November 8, 2013 15:33:19
Hayley Posted by Hayley

Hi, Hayley, I'm a graduate student/teacher who used to have healthy habits (mid-range BMI, 3-4 60 min workouts per week, lots of vegetables and home cooked meals) and now I feel so busy/stressed that I'm not making time for myself and for my health. I've gained 20 pounds over the past few years of grad school, mostly due to inactivity and taking comfort in food. Full Article

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Sasha Finds: Naomi’s coat

November 7, 2013 19:11:17 Posted at November 7, 2013 19:11:17
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I’m with Lainey  - I need this coat! Sasha can you find it!  ___ As soon as I read Lainey’s post I knew it would cause a frenzy and it sure did! So in the hopes that you all stop emailing me about it, let me answer your fashion prayers - it’s Theory and you can buy it right here (1... Full Article

Sasha Finds: Pink Wedding Guests

November 7, 2013 18:40:07 Posted at November 7, 2013 18:40:07
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi sasha.  I’m getting married in a year and I’ve requested that all the women attending my wedding wear pink – not a bright but more of a pale pink.  I’m open to solids and some prints but it HAS to be sophisticated but not too formal and has to be more pink than anything else. Full Article

Duana Names: Style over comfort?

November 7, 2013 17:52:40 Posted at November 7, 2013 17:52:40
Duana Posted by Duana

Name question for Duana: I have always loved the name Zoe and would love to use it if this baby is a girl. However, I loathe popular/trendy names and I fear that Zoe is going to be the next Ava/Sophia/Isabella. Your thoughts/suggestions? ___ Well, there are two things at play here. Full Article