Duana Names: What goes with Owen

Duana Posted by Duana at July 16, 2013 19:29:11 July 16, 2013 19:29:11

Duana, The hubs and I are at odds over what to name baby dos. Owen was the only name we could agree on for our first. As a teacher I had never had an Owen and appreciated the fact that it would be easy for him to learn/write (teaching a kiddo with 11 letters in their name to write their name is no easy feat). Full Article

Smutty Fitness: Hayley’s running playlist

Hayley Posted by Hayley at July 16, 2013 19:03:07 July 16, 2013 19:03:07

Hey Hayley! So I'm a new runner - and I read a little while ago the post about Robin Thicke's new song being awesome for running (I agree!) - can you suggest other songs for running? I'm doing 3 races this year - all just 5K, but aiming for a half-marathon next year, and I need some serious oomph when I run solo! Thanks! M :) ___ It is hard to keep updating your running playlist and finding new songs to prevent you from becoming bored not only with your music, but also with your running, is a challenging task. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Rihanna’s accessories overload

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 15, 2013 21:23:03 July 15, 2013 21:23:03
FameFlynet, Splash

There is a LOT going on here. Maybe she felt like she had to overcompensate because she was just wearing sporty shorts. Or at least they look like sporty shorts. If these turn out to be Lanvins for, like $800 a pair, I’ll be hahaha-ing at New Balance because, well, you can get similar ones that are a lot cheaper and they’re designed so that your folds can breathe. Full Article

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Sasha Answers: When should I tell him about my kids?

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 15, 2013 17:27:16 July 15, 2013 17:27:16

Hi Sasha, I am 36 and recently divorced with two children.  I am dating again and have met someone that I really like...however he’s never been married and has no children.  He’s mentioned how children terrify him and responsibility would be too daunting.  My question is when do I tell him I have children?  I don’t want to scare him away. Full Article

Sasha’s INTO IT: Smart Dog Leash

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 12, 2013 18:03:37 July 12, 2013 18:03:37

WHAT: SMART DOG LEASH WHERE:  CLICK HERE WHY: To my friends with dogs, I’m sorry for not loving your dogs as much as you want me to. I’m sorry that I get really uncomfortable when they go snout deep into my crotch. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Miranda Kerr’s outfit

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 12, 2013 17:55:32 July 12, 2013 17:55:32

I’m dying for Miranda Kerr’s outfit – can you find it all for me? Please and thank you. J.  ___ The great thing about this outfit is that it’s a mix of high and low, so J it’s actually borderline affordable – weeee! Let’s do this! The showpiece of this get-up has to be that great water colored floral skirt. Full Article

Duana Names: No Royals, No Repeats

Duana Posted by Duana at July 11, 2013 20:22:23 July 11, 2013 20:22:23

Hi Duana, My husband is no help so I thought I'd reach out to you. Our daughter Katerine (we call her Katie) is almost two, and we're expecting another girl this summer. I always loved the name Elizabeth, but with Katy Cambridge on the scene now the combination would make it seem like we have some crazy royal fetish. Full Article