Smutty Fitness: Prenatal Fitness Suggestions

February 7, 2013 14:22:24 Posted at February 7, 2013 14:22:24
Hayley Posted by Hayley

Hi Hayley I am 5'2 160 pounds. In the last 4 years I gained 30 pounds and the last 10 were gained around my honeymoon and now we have recently found out I am pregnant! We are really excited about the baby but also feeling anxious about the weight gain that is to follow. Do you have any recommendations on keeping fit as I can't go back to any of my old routines which only consisted of exercise videos. Full Article

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Duana Names: Big, Black, and Furry

February 6, 2013 18:09:55 Posted at February 6, 2013 18:09:55
Duana Posted by Duana

I have a name problem and hope your advice isn't limited to humans.  I have a dog and in my mind he has the perfect name.  His real name is Herbert Marcuse (said as one name like "Billy Bob") and his everyday name is Herby. I loved the idea of giving my small dog a two-name name and naming him after an impressive person. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Julianne’s nightgown

February 6, 2013 14:19:16 Posted at February 6, 2013 14:19:16
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I don’t get it, I don’t get it. I mean, she’s making movies and dating Ryan Seacrest so...this can’t be about access now, can it? It can’t be about access. Cobie Smulders arrived at this event in YSL and she’s not the star of this movie so it can’t be about access. Full Article

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Sasha Answers: I’m 26 and he’s 19

February 5, 2013 18:25:15 Posted at February 5, 2013 18:25:15
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, So I'm 26 and I started secretly dating a 19 year old boy. We were friends before things got sexual and originally it started out as fun. He's so sweet and ambitious and funny and we have incredible sex. The thing is he recently told me he was in love with me and wanted to make things official. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Andrea’s chainmail and bad makeup

February 5, 2013 13:48:50 Posted at February 5, 2013 13:48:50
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, FameFlynet

All over the chainmail cape. Not as excited about how her dress looks from the front. I think it’s the pantyhose sheer across the chest. Seems like a copout. The makeup though... Jesus. It always surprises me how susceptible celebrities are to bad lighting, or insufficient lighting. Full Article

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