Sasha Finds: Shirt Dresses

February 8, 2013 20:04:39 Posted at February 8, 2013 20:04:39
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Sasha!  I have an addiction to shirtdresses and I just started a new internship and I want to look good.  HELP ME! D ___ I had a really hard time narrowing down a list because goddamn, there are so many beauties out there, so D, let’s not waste any more time! I know I’m a broken record, but you gotta get on the black and white trend this season. Full Article

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Duana Names: Xavier, Lafayette, Memphis

February 8, 2013 19:20:16 Posted at February 8, 2013 19:20:16
Duana Posted by Duana

I am in love with the names Xavier Lafayette, and Memphis Xavier. I am told these are the worst names in existence. I am told I would be condemning a child to a life time of mockery. Give it to me straight, are these names as bad as all that? Admittedly, I cannot think of a good nickname for either, but how important is that aspect anyway? --- Oh wow. Full Article

NY Fashion Week: Tadashi Shoji F/W2013

February 8, 2013 17:07:47 Posted at February 8, 2013 17:07:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Frazer Harrison/ Getty

For some reason all I see when I look at these clothes is Jessica Alba wearing them. There’s a velvet dress with a turtleneck and strong sleeves that I like here but otherwise, it’s not too inspiring.  Full Article

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NY Fashion Week: Rachel Comey F/W 2013

February 8, 2013 14:57:02 Posted at February 8, 2013 14:57:02
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Mike Coppola/ Allison Joyce/ Getty

Anne Hathaway’s hair is all over this runway. And the 80s too. Are we going back to high-waisted drop-ass jeans? I don’t think you’ll ever be able to talk me into a denim dress but I will DEFINITELY get down with a leather v-neck sweater.  Full Article

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NY Fashion Week: BCBG Max Azria F/W2013

February 8, 2013 14:48:14 Posted at February 8, 2013 14:48:14
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Peter Michael Dills/ Getty

Totally disappointing. For those of you who wear a lot of BCBG, it’s an underwhelming collection, non? Like, looking at these clothes, does it make you want to extend your winter or dread September? There’s not one piece on this runway where I said to myself, “F-ck me, I have to have that”. Full Article

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Smutty Fitness: Mindless Eating

February 8, 2013 14:32:31 Posted at February 8, 2013 14:32:31
Hayley Posted by Hayley

Mindless eating – we are all guilty of it.  Whether it is the scoop of peanut butter you eat before closing the lid, the chocolate you eat in your office lunchroom, the French fries you steal off of your boyfriend’s plate while out for dinner or the handful of tortilla chips you munch on while making your family dinner, it is this mindless eating that will add pounds to your body and prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals. Full Article

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Sasha Finds: One Shoulder Dresses

February 7, 2013 19:32:58 Posted at February 7, 2013 19:32:58
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Is it embarrassing if I still like one shoulder dresses? Are they still in?  I have a wedding coming up next month and I’d really like to wear one.  Can sasha go looking, T ___ This style can be really hit or miss for me, but I think the general idea is to go less toga and more tailored. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Floral Blouses

February 7, 2013 19:04:47 Posted at February 7, 2013 19:04:47
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Dear Sasha, I’m looking for a floral blouse that I saw on Miranda Kerr (can’t find the picture) but I’m sure hers is too pricey anyway.  Can you find me something that gets your stamp of approval? H ___ It’s all a bloom once again this spring, but this season we’re moving away from that romantic painterly feel and into a more graphic vibe. Full Article

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