Duana Names: Correct Me If I’m Wrong…

Duana Posted by Duana at August 19, 2016 19:50:21 August 19, 2016 19:50:21

Hi Duana, My husband and I are at odds about how to spell the nickname of our son Julian. My husband is from England and says Jools is the correct spelling and that Jules is the feminine version. I think that it doesn't come as naturally (especially as we live in Canada) and prefer Jules. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Unfortunate Portrait

Sasha Posted by Sasha at August 19, 2016 18:57:55 August 19, 2016 18:57:55

By now you all know of my disdain for social media, specifically Instagram. But don’t worry, I won’t make you read how I think the majority of people have become vapid, approval seeking, loser faces, instead I’m actually here to admit that maybe, just maybe I end up missing out on some funny sh-t. Full Article

Smutty Fitness: Motivation for mom

Hayley Posted by Hayley at August 18, 2016 15:52:48 August 18, 2016 15:52:48

Hi Hayley, After decades of crash dieting and little strenuous exercise (coupled with constant complaining about how "fat" she is), my mom has finally started going to the gym three days/week with a trainer. She seems really excited about it all, but after 3 weeks she is already complaining that she hasn't lost any weight. Full Article

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Duana Names:….And Called It Macaroni

Duana Posted by Duana at August 17, 2016 20:04:03 August 17, 2016 20:04:03

Hi Duana, My sister, Dominika, is one week over her due date and totally dunzo. She and my BIL, Paul, still don’t know the gender and have no names at all! They have "writer's block" when it comes to names and have begged for your help. Both times they have decided not to find out the gender and it was so special when we found out her first baby was a boy! They named him Leo (one of their top choices, just Leo. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Elle’s busy dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 17, 2016 19:50:34 August 17, 2016 19:50:34
Wenn, FameFlynet, Frederick M. Brown/ Barry King/ Gregg DeGuire/ Getty Images

There’s a lot going on here. It’s a Marc Jacobs dress that feels like a Betsey Johnson. Right? The plain black pumps ground it though, as does the drama-free hairstyle. And overall, I don’t mind how there are several personalities happening at once in this design. Partly because of the black and white striped bow at the hip which somehow feels neat and tidy in the storm. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Lizzy’s florals and kicks

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 17, 2016 15:23:57 August 17, 2016 15:23:57
Photographer Group/ Splash News

Black and yellow floral pattern with crisp white kicks. You in? I’m in. If you spend so much money for a dress that you originally intend for nighttime but a pair of sneakers can make it work for daytime, it’s an automatic value-add.  Full Article

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Sasha Answers Podcast: Hating the Ex, Hateful Sister, and Hating His Gifts

Sasha Posted by Sasha at August 16, 2016 18:38:58 August 16, 2016 18:38:58

Welcome back to another edition of Sasha Answers. We can't thank you enough for the support but most of all to the ones who are sending us your questions - thank YOU for trusting us. On today's show: hating that the ex is happy, a hatefully scary sister, and a boyfriend who can't give good gifts. Full Article

Duana Names: One for you, One for me

Duana Posted by Duana at August 15, 2016 19:15:28 August 15, 2016 19:15:28

Hi Duana, I've re-read every name post you've ever written hoping a name (the name) would magically jump out at me. We are expecting baby #3 in early August and are stuck on a boy's name. There is a good chance the baby is a girl (we have two girls already) so it may not even be an issue but if it isn't, we are really stumped. Full Article

Smutty Fitness: An Olympics-inspired workout

Hayley Posted by Hayley at August 11, 2016 18:24:25 August 11, 2016 18:24:25
Laurence Griffiths/ Jean Catuffe/ BEN STANSALL/ Getty Images

With the Olympics in full swing I am finding it hard to get anything done other than cheer on all of the amazing athletes competing for Olympic gold. I thought I would use this inspiration to share with you some Olympic-inspired workouts that you can add into your current fitness regime. Try one or try them all, bringing to each movement the energy and determination shown by all of the Olympic athletes. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Dakota’s black off-the-shoulder top

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 11, 2016 17:26:35 August 11, 2016 17:26:35
Jason LaVeris/ Emma McIntyre/ Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Lester Cohen/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

This entire outfit is SO good. But especially this top. I’m all about the off-the-shoulder, of course, but it’s also the way it hangs to the waist, almost like a jacket. You could wear this top in place of a blazer. PS. These pants are PERFECT.  Full Article

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