Sasha Answers: The other woman is his phone

Sasha Posted by Sasha at February 18, 2013 20:00:00 February 18, 2013 20:00:00

Hi Sasha, I have been with my boyfriend for just over a year.  He is ALWAYS on his phone. Not talking on it – just looking at it (texting, instagram, facebook, ebay, craigslist, motorcycle blogs….).  I trust him and don’t think he’s physically cheating on me (maybe he’s sending flirty messages to old flames though – who knows!?) – but I get really jealous of all the time he spends on that damn phone! I have told him this, but it hasn’t changed. Full Article

London Fashion Week: Peter Pilotto F/W 2013

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 18, 2013 18:10:58 February 18, 2013 18:10:58
AFP/ Getty

Most of the collection feels familiar. This dress though – the one attached first – I want badly to wear on Sunday while we’re shooting our etalk Oscar show. You can have a bad arm day and it wouldn’t matter. You can have a big ass day and it wouldn’t matter. And you wouldn’t even have to suck in. Full Article

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London Fashion Week: Issa F/W 2013

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 18, 2013 13:57:14 February 18, 2013 13:57:14
AFP/ Tim Whitby/ Getty

I’d love to see Katy Cambridge in one of these maxi dresses with a floppy hat. But, as you know, the Princess always modifies on the conservative side. Her sister, on the other hand, well now the thought is frightening. Can you imagine applying Pippa’s sh—ty sense of style to one of these looks? Christ. Full Article

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Smutty Fitness: Exercising with the flu

Hayley Posted by Hayley at February 18, 2013 13:44:15 February 18, 2013 13:44:15

Hi Hayley, My husband and I have been disagreeing about something lately. Our kids have been perma-sick since December and we keep catching what they have. My husband feels like he needs to push through his sickness and continue working out (he's worried about losing momentum), I on the other hand feel like exercising while sick will just make it worse (obviously it depends on the degree of sickness, in this case we both have colds, sore throats, little energy). Full Article

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Sasha’s INTO IT: Rag & Bone Cambridge Jacket

Sasha Posted by Sasha at February 15, 2013 21:58:13 February 15, 2013 21:58:13

WHAT: RAG & BONE CAMBRIDGE JACKET WHERE: CLICK HERE WHY: Mashing up hard and soft styles is definitely a skill, but this Rag & Bone jacket does all the hard work for you. The toughness of the leather sleeves paired with the fresh cut floral print is such a fun and unexpected take on the usual bomber. Full Article