Paris Fashion Week: Givenchy SS2013

October 1, 2012 12:59:33 Posted at October 1, 2012 12:59:33
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Pascal Le Segretain, PIERRE VERDY /Getty

This might be the most miserable-looking runway of the season. It’s like they were told to project anger as they were stomping. this how you make Shauna Sand high classy? Check out the sandals. Only in flats it’s like they’re walking in bare feet. I’m into it.  Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Jean Paul Gaultier SS2013

September 30, 2012 14:45:25 Posted at September 30, 2012 14:45:25
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Pascal Le Segretain /Getty

I don’t care how hard you try to push it on me that it’s a designer label, that long denim trench will never be not hideous. I do really want to see that one-legged catsuit on someone though, and the printed strapless jumpsuit is gorgeous. Do you smell Boy George and Blonde Ambition?  Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Viktor & Rolf SS2013

September 30, 2012 14:20:08 Posted at September 30, 2012 14:20:08
Lainey Posted by Lainey
KCS / Splash News, MARTIN BUREAU /Getty

There’s more here for the red carpet than I expected. Can’t wait to see that black dress with what looks like large shards of glass on the skirt at a premiere. Or the white one with all those roses. And especially the one with the black and white skirt, styled on either side of the hip with. Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Cacharel SS2013

September 30, 2012 02:32:40 Posted at September 30, 2012 02:32:40
Lainey Posted by Lainey

SO pretty and timeless, and without that element of annoying that characterises everything in Anthropologie. For some reason much of this collection reminds of Carey Mulligan in An Education. God I loved her in that film.  Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood SS2013

September 30, 2012 01:37:47 Posted at September 30, 2012 01:37:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Pascal Le Segretain /Getty

I can’t remember not hating a pair of red shoes as much as I don’t hate these strappy red heels. Probably because the way they’re worn, with all that outrageousness on top, the red isn’t a statement at all.  Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Isabel Marant SS2013

September 29, 2012 16:51:59 Posted at September 29, 2012 16:51:59
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Celebrity stylists are already calling about those red leather studded pants. I can imagine Kate Bosworth wants the entire collection. Which, unfairly perhaps, makes me hate it. Like those f-cking black and white jeans with the flowers down the side... Really? The sandals though, yes, for sure. Full Article

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September 28, 2012 18:43:22 Posted at September 28, 2012 18:43:22
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Oxblood, wine, grape, plum….. same sh-t, different pile in my opinion.  For all intents and purposes though, I’m going with burgundy, cool?  And all you need to know is that you’ve got to own something in this color, so let’s get at it. The easiest way to work this color in is with a great pair of shoes and right now there are a slew of choices!  Whether it’s a bootie... Full Article

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