Sasha Finds: Wedding Combs

March 1, 2012 19:22:03 Posted at March 1, 2012 19:22:03
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Can you find me a comb for my wedding day – I’m going with a 20’s look.  Thanks L.L, instead of trying to find anything feathery or flowery I’m just going to stick with an art deco jeweled vibe. Cool?  Cool.  I owe Jennifer Behr my first born for making my wedding head piece. Her designs are spectacular and she has two stunners that I think you’ll like - click here... Full Article

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Sasha Finds: Kimberly Perry’s Grammy necklace

March 1, 2012 18:58:49 Posted at March 1, 2012 18:58:49
Sasha Posted by Sasha
Kevin Winter/Getty

Watching the Grammy's, and the blonde woman singing with Glen Campbell, she is/was wearing a lark/swallow gold necklace/ chain... It is truly lovely!  Where, how?! A lot of mail came in over this necklace so before the Grammys feel like a distant memory I’ll hit you up with the answer.  The dove necklace that Kimberly Perry was wearing is by Milka Jewelry. Full Article

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Paris Fashion Week: Carven RTW Fall 2012

March 1, 2012 17:00:13 Posted at March 1, 2012 17:00:13
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I wish Carven was easier to find in Canada. Here they only pick up certain pieces from a line, and often not the pieces I want. You know what I love about Carven besides the obvious? Carven looks great on girls who actually have flesh on their bodies. And real hips. Example: Beyonce wore Carven during her pregnancy; she looked amazing. Full Article

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Smutty Fitness: ab stitches and training zones

March 1, 2012 16:40:25 Posted at March 1, 2012 16:40:25
Hayley Posted by Hayley

Hi Hayley, I am currently training for my first-ever half marathon (yay!).  I am 27 years old and I started exercising regularly (5-6 times per week) about 8 months ago.  I have had periods of being active in my life before, but have struggled with disordered eating for most of my adult life - it has made for a difficult relationship with the gym! Training for the half marathon represents a new stage for myself, where I'm trying to focus on exercise for health, fitness, and self care, as opposed to weight loss goals. Full Article

Paris Fashion Week: Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2012

March 1, 2012 15:02:30 Posted at March 1, 2012 15:02:30
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I bought a pair of Dries Van Noten wedges last year that I’ve since worn 3 times. NO regrets. I intend to have them around for a long time. And every time they come out, I know no one else around will have them. That’s how the clothes are too, for wearers who can afford them. Which... shoes are one thing, but clothing price tags are sometimes incomprehensible. Full Article

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Sasha’s INTO IT: TBA Collar Dress

February 29, 2012 17:36:07 Posted at February 29, 2012 17:36:07
Sasha Posted by Sasha

WHAT:  TBA COLLAR DRESSWHERE:  CLICK HEREWHY: Contrasting collars are my crack. I wish I wasn’t such a junkie for the trend but I can’t help myself – I love them! I promise this dress is going be my last hit of the good stuff. Full Article

Sasha Answers: My marriage isn’t fulfilling

February 29, 2012 16:14:03 Posted at February 29, 2012 16:14:03
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, 5 years ago I married M. He and I got along so well- we did a ton of travelling and moving about and it always worked out. So when I got pregnant, we got married. At the time I was naive about marriage and parenthood. At the time I really had no idea who I was or what I needed from life.   Now: M works away for weeks on end. Full Article

Sasha Answers: Please help me move on

February 29, 2012 14:54:39 Posted at February 29, 2012 14:54:39
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I have been single for six months, and it's been a struggle to say the least. My ex D, broke up with me two weeks after we went on our first vacation together. We had an amazing time, so the breakup shocked my system. A little back story, I was with another ex for 6 years prior to D .. I was hurt, but D came into my life, and changed it completely. Full Article