Sasha Answers: Kissing him there

January 15, 2016 18:31:50 Posted at January 15, 2016 18:31:50
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, I have an embarrassing question that i just need your opinion on because i CANT bring myself to talk to anyone about this. Here it goes:  My boyfriend of a year asked me the other night to go down on him but on his backside. Is this even normal? I didn't but but then he asked again. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Chloe’s overwhelming dress

January 15, 2016 16:33:12 Posted at January 15, 2016 16:33:12
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, FameFlynet

It’s a beautiful dress. Really, really beautiful. But I don’t love it on her. I feel like it’s too much for her, overwhelming her. That said, would I feel the same way if I didn’t know how old she is? I’m not sure if that’s biased me about how I’m seeing it. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Olivia’s peach crop

January 14, 2016 16:57:25 Posted at January 14, 2016 16:57:25
Lainey Posted by Lainey
North Woods/ srpp/ Splash News

You remember a couple of summers ago everyone was wearing these sheer long skirts? They were all peach coloured. Either green or peach. One of the reasons I hate peach. I feel like she’s too good for this colour.  Full Article

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Smutty Fitness: Blending

January 14, 2016 15:34:37 Posted at January 14, 2016 15:34:37
Hayley Posted by Hayley

I was excited to get a Magic Bullet blender for Christmas. I'd like to use it to make some healthy smoothies or shakes. I'm not looking to do a cleanse or go on a liquid diet, but I thought this would be a good way to incorporate more veggies, especially spinach, into my diet. A lot of the recipes I've seen are fairly heavy on fruits, which I've read can just fill you up with sugar. Full Article

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Duana Names: Does It Cross Over?

January 13, 2016 21:34:41 Posted at January 13, 2016 21:34:41
Duana Posted by Duana

We're expecting our first, a girl in early February, and having trouble with her name. We live in an area where creative and non-name names are the norm. We would love to name her something unique and different but also don't want her name to be too weird that it is a burden her whole life. Full Article

Sasha’s INTO IT: RMS

January 13, 2016 17:19:04 Posted at January 13, 2016 17:19:04
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I’ve had a real sh-t on a stick kind of year and half. Once it’s all over I’ll fill you in, but for now, all I’ll say is that when it comes to my life moving forward and especially these posts, I’m keeping it all natural: no more toxic, f-cked up, unpronounceable ingredients. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Selena’s all-red all-leather

January 13, 2016 16:04:22 Posted at January 13, 2016 16:04:22
Lainey Posted by Lainey

How do you feel about a floor length, all leather dress? I’m not sure I love the idea unless it’s for the Matrix but the way Selena’s wearing it here, I don’t think I mind, either. It’s because it’s been given room to breathe, though. Up top, around the shoulders, fluttering, so that there’s some movement. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Kiernan’s silver shoes

January 13, 2016 15:33:52 Posted at January 13, 2016 15:33:52
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, FameFlynet, Frazer Harrison/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

February 4th. That’s the day my shoe ban ends. It’s been almost an entire year – no shoes because buying shoes was bad luck for me, an Ox, during the Year of the Goat. That ends soon and the first pair of shoes I’ll be looking for will be these silver tasselled oxford heels worn by Kiernan Shipka because OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I love them so much. Full Article

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Duana Names: Is It Enough To Love It?

January 12, 2016 21:15:42 Posted at January 12, 2016 21:15:42
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, We're expecting our second child, a boy, on February 3rd and I'm hoping my question is fairly simple. Here's the backstory. Our first child, an almost 2 year old boy, is named Judah. We heard the name on the show Weeds almost 7 years before he was born, and loved it so much that we instantly agreed it was the name of our first born son. Full Article