Smutty Fitness: Sport specific personal trainers

Hayley Posted by Hayley at August 15, 2017 16:32:43 August 15, 2017 16:32:43
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Hi Hayley! I am looking for advice on how to find a personal trainer. Here's a bit of background: I am very active. I compete in masters swimming during the fall/winter and triathlon and open water swimming in the spring/summer. In addition to these competitive endeavours I like to hike, surf, yoga, and generally try new things. Full Article

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Duana Names: Accidentally On Purpose

Duana Posted by Duana at August 14, 2017 20:53:44 August 14, 2017 20:53:44
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Hello Duana, I am 5 days away from my due date with baby boy number 4 and so far it looks like this one is going to be nameless! I have 3 boys: Jaymes Earl Mc-----, Owyn Danny Mc-----, and Rhys William Mc-----. We intentionally chose names with the letter Y in them and want to continue this. Full Article

Smutty Fitness: A jar salad

Hayley Posted by Hayley at August 11, 2017 16:05:20 August 11, 2017 16:05:20

Ok, so as much as I wish I can take credit for this idea, I can’t.  This salad idea comes from one of my clients who has been kicking ass in a health challenge she created for herself this past June. In the past we have struggled with finding balance and creating a healthy lifestyle that she can be consistent with. Full Article

Duana Names: Breaking The Rules Because Baby Did….

Duana Posted by Duana at August 9, 2017 21:28:52 August 9, 2017 21:28:52
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I received a letter a month or so ago – then yesterday, an update, which is below… Hi Duana, Long time reader and lover of your name nerd column, obsessed with Show Your Work, and I just finished The Name Therapist (loved it!). Sidenote: I loved your assessment of Cheryl as that is my new sister in law and definitely competent and I really feel like I break free of the practical Leslie as well as your friend did!! I'm finally able to write to ask advice as opposed to just muse about names as I'm due in late September. Full Article

Duana Names: What If We Like Them All?

Duana Posted by Duana at August 2, 2017 21:18:58 August 2, 2017 21:18:58
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Hi Duana, My husband and I are expecting our first baby (a girl!) in a couple short weeks, and as the date gets closer, the naming decision feels a lot more daunting. I’ve had a running list of names in my cellphone for the last five years (at least), even though we weren’t quite there yet. Full Article

Duana Names: People Make Me Happy

Duana Posted by Duana at July 28, 2017 20:33:44 July 28, 2017 20:33:44
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Sometimes I wonder if I’m full of sh*t because I mock cheesy greeting cards and email-chain poems but some of this name stuff makes me so happy. Don’t tell anyone, lest you ruin my ‘contrarian’ cred. But today we have two of the things I love most: an update (and it’s a really good update, you guys) AND an update with a request for round two! I love Round Two, once you’ve eliminated some options, and so few people take me up on it! First, there’s this response to the unicorn letter... Full Article

Sasha Finds: C4 Eyewear

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 28, 2017 20:01:11 July 28, 2017 20:01:11

My bud Susie Wall is the real deal. Not only does she have style for days, but she’s also a woman’s woman, and as you know here on LaineyGossip, that’s our MO. Point is, she’s a boss and I really like her. Susie just launched the second collection of her ready-to-wear eyewear, and nepotism aside, these designs are dope. Full Article

Duana Names: The Problem with ‘My People’

Duana Posted by Duana at July 26, 2017 21:33:57 July 26, 2017 21:33:57
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Duana, I'm desperately seeking your sage advice. Having read your fascinating book (and every single one of your name blog posts), I feel like I'm slightly more equipped to handle naming my still-yet-to-be-named little one. But with only a month, and the gender to be determined at time of delivery, I am freaking out a little because nothing screams THE ONE. Full Article

Hot Felon & How to Work with the Famous

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 26, 2017 18:05:36 July 26, 2017 18:05:36

Welcome back to Sasha Answers! Heads up 7 up - this will be the last podcast until mid August as I'm headed back home to soak up some more nature. So enjoy this sucker! On today's show: Who is Chloe Green and why is she dating Hot Felon, how to manage being a personal assistant to a famous person (tid bits about my assisting Tara Reid included) and wedding invite regret. Full Article

Duana Names: Is This A Real Name?

Duana Posted by Duana at July 24, 2017 20:07:21 July 24, 2017 20:07:21
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Dear Duana, We're expecting a baby girl any day now and she will be our second child. our first born is a boy and we were able to find a name for him that we both loved early on: Aidan. We chose this name because it's traditional but you don't hear it everywhere (disclaimer: i know it's been super popular in the States recently but we live in a French speaking part of Europe so not common at all here!). Full Article

Duana Names: Married To My Name

Duana Posted by Duana at July 21, 2017 20:35:36 July 21, 2017 20:35:36
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Dear Duana - Three years ago as we were about to welcome our first daughter your voice was in my head. (She's a Veronica, by the way. Best name for our kiddo hands down.) Awkwardly, I'm writing for your input on a situation I've found myself in that has nothing to do with naming a child. Full Article