Sasha Answers Podcast: No Dough Roll, STI News Flash, and Sloppy Seconds

Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 19, 2016 15:32:11 April 19, 2016 15:32:11

Another episode full of really interesting dilemmas that Lainey and I banter on. In this week's episode: can you roll if you don't have the dough, when do you break the news that you have an STI and favorite one of the show.....should you get engaged if your dude is still pining for someone else. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Kiernan’s Coachella kicks

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 18, 2016 17:57:38 April 18, 2016 17:57:38
Ari Perilstein/ Michael Kovac/ Getty Images

She did not dress like an asshole at Coachella. For two outfits, she wore the Stella McCartney silver platform oxfords. I’ve tried them on. And on me they felt like they were overpowering me. On Kiernan Shipka they’re perfect. Anyway, if you’re looking for a pair, Zara’s doing a pair this season – click here... Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Ilana’s open shoulders and springy hair

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 18, 2016 15:55:08 April 18, 2016 15:55:08
Wenn, Jenny Anderson/ Roy Rochlin/ Mark Sagliocco/ Getty Images

Duana mentioned earlier in the Girls post that she wanted to try out Jenny Slate’s hair. It really did look great on the show last night. And Ilana Glazer’s too. I think she should. Love the open shoulder top here. Not really into the black dress with the nudey-gold underlay though. Full Article

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Duana Names: Protecting the brilliance of A certain name

Duana Posted by Duana at April 15, 2016 20:55:03 April 15, 2016 20:55:03

Hi Duana, I love your columns and feel that you have so much power over other name nerds that I yelled at you a year ago for overhyping our daughter's name, Anthea, because I wanted to keep it to ourselves. I must have made an impression because you mentioned my yelling in a subsequent column but thought that I was yelling at you for recommending Althea. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Mila’s bra dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2016 19:01:12 April 15, 2016 19:01:12

The dress fits her well. She’s wearing it as well as it could possibly be worn. But does it look weird to you? Like the black part is too small or crunched? To me, because I guess proportion is the word of the day, the proportion seems weird.  Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Rashida’s adorable white dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2016 15:47:48 April 15, 2016 15:47:48

I’m gonna say that this is my kind of dress and I would wear it every day of my life. And if I did wear it on television, immediately people would start leaving messages about whether or not I’m pregnant. Which I think is a f-cked up way that we women f-ck ourselves up. Anyway, look the gorgeous pattern on this white material. Full Article

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Sasha Finds: The sneaker ankle boot

Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 14, 2016 19:54:38 April 14, 2016 19:54:38
PC-NWP/ Splash News

Sneaker + ankle boot = yes, please. This killer combo by Everlane is my go-to shoe as of late. Whether you're wearing a dress or going sporto, this shoe will flip the fashion switch on any outfit. Not to mention they are comfortable as sh-t. Full Article

Duana Names: The Tango Maureen

Duana Posted by Duana at April 13, 2016 20:33:30 April 13, 2016 20:33:30

Hi Duana, I need help finding a name for my baby girl, due mid-April. She is my first, and most likely only, biological child, but I help raise my boyfriend's two children (a girl and a boy) from a previous relationship. Baby's last name will be a two syllable (Polish, I think?) name that starts with an M. Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Leslie Jones’s lace dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 13, 2016 19:50:08 April 13, 2016 19:50:08
Splash News, Gabe Ginsberg/ Todd Williamson/ Getty Images

I don’t normally like a light underlay with lace. But it’s normally because the underlay doesn’t work well with pale skin tones. On Leslie Jones, the contrast is striking and so flattering. Excellent shoe choice. Really accentuates those legs.  Full Article

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