Carpets & Candids: Rachel’s White House choker

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 2, 2016 14:07:59 May 2, 2016 14:07:59
Kris Connor/ Larry Busacca/ Paul Morigi/ Getty Images

Like I said, I’m not a believer in the choker comeback. I mean on Gigi Hadid, maybe. But how many Gigis are there in the world? I don’t like the choker on Rachel McAdams. But I’m also not sure she’s giving it her best shot. Because while the dress is fine, the hair is ruining everything. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Emma’s White House pants

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 2, 2016 13:17:38 May 2, 2016 13:17:38
Larry Busacca/ Paul Morigi/ Kris Connor/ Nicholas Hunt/ Getty Images

Brilliant way to modernise what could be an old-fashioned print. And every detail about this outfit is perfect, from the chest fan to the slit through the middle to the exact length and fit of those pants. My only, only complaint is the hair. At this length, I’m not a fan of the half back. Either leave it down, severely bobbed or tousled, or yank it all the way back and flat on the top. Full Article

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Duana Names: Opinions! Go!

Duana Posted by Duana at April 29, 2016 20:14:35 April 29, 2016 20:14:35

Duana, Straight to the point, here is our short list of boy names Samson Dietrich Rex Do we have a winner here? We tend to gravitate towards strong hopefully non-pretentious names. I could go into detail why each of these mean something to us but that's not how names work. You hear them, make a judgement, and then if you get to know the person might find out why they were named. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Abaca

Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 29, 2016 17:51:01 April 29, 2016 17:51:01

By now you should know I’m all about purchasing with purpose. I know, I know, it’s easy to go the fast fashion route but if and when you can, giving some love to the small companies that are making a difference.....makes a difference. So feast your fashion eyes on Abaca... Full Article

Carpets & Candids: Julianna in pink

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 29, 2016 16:47:29 April 29, 2016 16:47:29

On the red carpet, under that light, this is such a full pink. I don’t know if that’s the right word. But look at how it almost glows. Not sure I’m into the placement of the black pattern. Or the chest line. Because of the colour and its richness, it reminds me of how a bright bikini looks in the sun. Full Article

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Smutty Fitness: Peeing and the pelvic floor

Hayley Posted by Hayley at April 28, 2016 20:09:38 April 28, 2016 20:09:38

I'm writing on my iPhone in complete frustration after trying to exercise. To simply train for a 5km that everyone and their brother and friend's granny can do but for some reason, I just can't seem to train successfully. The problem I'm having today is one I've had for a while and I guess I'm just at this very moment frustrated enough by it to write in. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Nicki’s best black dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 27, 2016 17:31:33 April 27, 2016 17:31:33
Dimitrios Kambouris/ Mark Sagliocco/ Neilson Barnard/ Andrew Toth/ Getty Images

To me, this is the best black outfit I’ve ever seen on her. And it’s very, very her. Sheer. Body-con. Exposed without feeling over-exposed. I would have liked to see how this would have looked on her without the knee-high boots. Like not as an improvement, just as a curiosity.  Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Gina’s webbed dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 27, 2016 15:20:34 April 27, 2016 15:20:34
Wenn, FameFlynet

This webbing detail across the front is pretty special. And I think it works so well because of the colour of the rest of this material. A grey that looks light purple in some light. But seriously, isn’t that an exquisite shade of grey? I want to paint my whole house this colour now.  Full Article

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Sasha Answers Podcast: Two Cheats and Happily Single

Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 26, 2016 14:53:01 April 26, 2016 14:53:01

The questions keep on coming and God, you guys are dishing the drama. We love it! On this week's podcast:  a cheating friend deals with guilt, an emotionally cheating husband and whether or not to confront the devil, and a chick who wants to live the single life. Enjoy! Keep your questions coming to me at [email protected]... Full Article

Duana Names: Searching for Klarity

Duana Posted by Duana at April 25, 2016 20:25:36 April 25, 2016 20:25:36

Duana! I’ve struggled my whole life to come to terms with my name because not only did my Chinese parents give me a French name that they can’t pronounce, they had to go and spell it differently! They did the same cruel thing to my sister. It’s been really fun hearing other people’s horror stories and also learning to embrace the different-ness of my name. Full Article