How are you Lily Allen?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 29, 2012 15:59:36 March 29, 2012 15:59:36

Was just thinking about her the other day. So many celebrities, they get married, pregnant, and have babies and you can't get away from them. Lily Allen, now Cooper, was the opposite. Lily wanted to go underground. And she meant it.

I don't know what her daughter Ethel looks like. I didn't even know she was called Ethel until these pictures came out in the UK this morning. And this is one of the first times Lily has been photographed since Ethel's birth, seen here leaving dinner last night with her husband Sam.

It's not like Lily isn't famous over there either. She is. In the English star system, for a while, she was one of their top 5. And still she's managed to live there, privately in recent times.

Given what you knew of Lily, how she used to behave, how much of herself she couldn't help revealing, this is surprising, non? A little?

So it's not like change isn't possible. With maturity. It's not like celebrities are shackled with a certain reputation forever. When they complain that we won't reconsider our opinions, that we are too entrenched in our bias and unwilling to modify our perspectives, maybe, definitely, it's just that they haven't led us there. If they were to lead us there, as Lily has done now, I'd argue that most of us would happily change positions.

And this brings us to Lindsay Lohan who will appear in court today, expected to be released from probation after 4 years, finally having completed all her court ordered requirements, claiming that all of it, all the sh-t is behind her now. Lohan has been quiet the last couple of weeks or so, supposedly advised to stay low until her meeting with the judge, so as to ensure she doesn't get f-cked by the imaginary media forces eager to bring her down. Sure. No doubt she'll be released today and legally free. The test however is what she does tonight. And this weekend. And every weekend thereafter. Whether or not it can be months and months of discretion, as Lily Allen has demonstrated.

If RDJ did it, why not Lohan?

Well, for starters, she's an asshole, a total waste of a soul. But also, she did have the misfortune of f-cking up publicly in the age of camera phones and viral explosion. When RDJ was a mess, we only read about it. We didn't have images to attach to those stories. For Lohan, every time you see her, you also recall the shots of her passed out in a car, stumbling onto a cactus, high out of her mind. Over and over and over again.

It'll take a lot of positive imagery to break those mental associations and replace 5 yrs of visual memory with pictures that reflect the "new" her. The fact that she's done so much to her face isn't helping.

I'm not sure Lindsay Lohan is Lily Allen. You?

Wenn, Olga Bermejo/Splash

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