Long Island Chicken Fried Dirty Face?

March 25, 2008 08:10:00 Posted at March 25, 2008 08:10:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay Lohan last night out for dinner at Katsu-ya and then hitting up Villa with Samantha Ronson – the white bag, the Sam Lutfi lookalike, the stains all over clothes, no bra bouncing breasts… Lilo is turning into Chicken Fried Britney! Except with an even dirtier face!

On the low side, she’s partying again. A LOT. A recovering addict in the most tempting places. Not a good sign. On the plus side, it’s been weeks since she’s f*cked a bloke who’s talked about it in the press. Small mercies.

Photos from Wenn.com

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