Crack hoarder

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 4, 2010 07:55:56 February 4, 2010 07:55:56

Crack tweeter, crack hoarder, fraud designer, used to be an actor...who else? It’s Lindsay Lohan. And she allowed cameras from The Insider inside her house to shoot her sh-t. Literally. She has sh-t everywhere. Her living room is a dump. A bedroom has been turned into a shoe storage. Racks and racks of clothing are jammed up against the walls. And... most embarrassingly... she’s agreed to be filmed.

Shame, non?

This is the kind of move you see from, like, an 80s sitcom star who’s having a garage sale. It’s not the move of a girl who just 4 short years ago was once the It of the town. Think about how embarrassing this is. Not necessarily the hoarding itself but the voluntary revelation of the hoarding, because it’s one of the few attention cards she’s yet to play. And Niecy Nash? All due respect to Niecy Nash, this is not about Niecy Nash, but it is about the fact that it wasn’t Barbara Walters. Or Diane Sawyer. Or a segment longer than 2 minutes.

At least if it was Walters or Sawyer, at least there’s *some* dignity there. But on The Insider? And not even a full feature? It’s humiliating.

The lips, Jesus those lips, watch her lips when she says “stuff”. It’s like the words have to fight their way through her injections.

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