Lilo: bone, skin, and skank

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 22, 2009 07:09:07 April 22, 2009 07:09:07

She went shopping with her sister yesterday in a long white dress exposing her ribs, no bra to show off her sagging tits. The photos speak for themselves. Later on she attended an exhibition, at one point pulling her hair off her face – did she always have such a big forehead? Or it is because in relation to her body everything above the shoulders looks massive? What’s with the fingernail biting these days? Crack habits…

As reported earlier this week, stripping in Vegas just might be the most promising career opportunity for Lindsay Lohan these days. Her personal life is still a mess. Apparently Lilo’s back to boys and Page Six is reporting she’s been skeezing it up with Twilight’s Kellan Lutz and also with some pap called Chris Jepson with whom she locked herself in a bathroom at a party in the hills last week. What does Lindsay Lohan do in a bathroom?

My guess is cut and snort. You?

So when will that hag mother of hers finally step in and take control? Please. Dina Lohan is too busy stalking George Clooney.

They say you can’t force someone to get help. That you have to be ready for it.

At the same time, as a parent, my Squawking Chinese Chicken mother insists you have to try everything. Even the most extreme measures. If this were me, she would have strapped herself onto my leg, called the tabloids, and asked them for a ride to rehab, and then demanded her own bed right next to mine.

There is no saving face when it comes to saving a life.

A few of you have emailed to ask me whether or not this is sad smut. I have two answers: first – look at Lilo’s face. She is still loving every minute of it.

Second – for every one person who regards this as sad smut, there are two more with children who are reading the parent pimp playbook. These are the people who need to reconsider.

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