Lilo & the curious case of the missing jewels

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 28, 2009 07:41:42 August 28, 2009 07:41:42

Something didn’t smell right, did it?

So you know that Lindsay Lohan’s house was burglarised. Apparently the alarm was not tripped and a safe was stolen.

Now Radar is reporting that Lilo had $2 million worth of jewels on loan from a store called XIV Karats. She was supposed to have returned them but claims they were stolen. From the safe. The safe that was taken from her home during the break-in.


My smutty sense is doing a breakdance.

GossipCop is calling the story bullsh-t based solely on a statement from Lohan’s rep who says that Radar’s story is “not true at all”.

Appreciate GossipCop’s efforts in calling out tabloid f-ckery but in this case, can we really believe a publicist paid to work for a pathological liar?

More telling is what happened when XIV Karats was contacted. They had “no comment”. You know, if they considered Lindsay Lohan a good customer, they probably would have been more inclined to defend her honour.

And even her father can’t explain where the jewels went.

Michael Lohan told Radar:

"Lindsay didn't take anything from (XIV Karats). They lent her jewelry and she has to give it back to them. That's all I know. She has no intention of keeping any of it. So I guess they're sorting it out."

So Lindsay Lohan is unable to account for $2 million worth of jewellery. Then 3 fashionable pseudo hipster looking kids break into her house.

Coincidence or conspiracy???

This is Lilo, lips still swollen, last night leaving Bardot after a few hours of partying. Apparently she’s been begging Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph to work with her for a new reality tv show chronicling her efforts to land acting roles again.


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