How long before they break up?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 23, 2009 10:28:39 April 23, 2009 10:28:39

If they really were friends, Lindsay Lohan and Natalie Portman, they likely won’t be for long after Lilo namedropped Natalie Portman today as her new bestie on Ellen. Random, right?

She was talking about her really great friends. All of a sudden she announced Natalie has been “there for me through everything” as if by association, because of Natalie Portman, people will want to hire her for movies again.

Oh did you hear?

Lilo claims that she’s working on a movie in October. And that there are a few shows she’s “producing”.

Nothing has been announced, nothing has even been RUMOURED, but all of a sudden she’s been “working really hard”.

At what?

Cutting lines?

On and on it was about “work”. And a brief interlude during which Ellen advised her: Maybe don’t go to clubs anymore?

Not surprisingly, Lindsay defended her right to go to a club. She does not want to stop going to clubs. She also doesn’t want to stop talking about herself. What’s clear, above everything else in this video, is that Lindsay Lohan is the centre of Lindsay Lohan’s world.

This is why she exists: she lives for every moment in the tabloid eye. These are the moments that prove it. Here's a girl who was raised to justify her every move, who was raised to believe that she's never wrong, and if anything bad ever happens, it's everyone else's fault.

See for yourself. And try not to hurt yourself when she cackles about the restraining order.

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