Lindsay Lohan: getting paid to get clean?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 3, 2013 20:04:32 May 3, 2013 20:04:32

Well, that’ll work, won’t it?

Everything for Lindsay Lohan is about a paycheque these days.

As you know, over the last two days, there’s been an update on the hour about Lindsay Lohan’s rehab status. She supposedly bailed on the facility she was approved to go to in New York because it doesn’t allow smoking. Morningside Rehab in Newport Beach, CA was the next destination but it wasn’t approved by the judge and besides, she didn’t end up showing there anyway.

No word on her whereabouts last night but in the morning came the news that she’d rehired Shawn Holley, the lawyer she fired in favour of that bumbling car salesman, Mark Heller, and that she’s back at Betty Ford.

But that’s not all. Roger Friedman, a veteran in the business, and certainly well above the bullsh-t of Radar Online, is now reporting that the reason Lohan may have refused to go to Morningside was because they had promised to PAY HER $30K in order to seek treatment there but hadn’t come up with the cash money yet.

According to Friedman’s sources, Betty Ford offered to let her stay for free so that’s why she’s there now...

But sh-t this loser can run a scam, non?

Click here for more from Roger Friedman on the Lindsay Lohan Rehab Business Plan. That’s what it is now, isn’t it?

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