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As IF, Lindsay Lohan

July 13, 2011 13:29:06 Posted at July 13, 2011 13:29:06
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay Lohan went to Miami in May, before she was locked inside her comfortable Venice Beach townhouse for a month, for a photo shoot and interview with Plum Magazine. A reader called Ellie sent over this video from the shoot titled, “I can’t believe she didn’t steal those clothes” which, hilarious right? I agree. Full Story

Get ready for the Jealous Rage

July 5, 2011 11:56:00 Posted at July 5, 2011 11:56:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay Lohan managed to not get arrested over the Independence Day weekend. But it’s only the beginning of July. And she lives next door to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson in Venice. And did you know Samantha is dating someone new? Someone beautiful, someone well connected, and someone very well liked? Sam’s new gf is Erin Foster. Full Story

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Freedom: just in time for the weekend

June 30, 2011 08:55:34 Posted at June 30, 2011 08:55:34
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay LOHAN was released from house arrest yesterday. Her 25th birthday is on Saturday. Great timing. There was a really funny story that LOHAN’s people fed to TMZ yesterday about her being afraid to go out because of the paps. At the time, they insisted that LOHAN would be staying home for a while. Full Story

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House Arrest party

June 13, 2011 10:20:38 Posted at June 13, 2011 10:20:38
Lainey Posted by Lainey

True story: I was just thinking this morning of writing in the open a note about how we went all last week without any pap photos taken from inside Lindsay LOHAN’s house during her house arrest. Then I thought better of it because, well, you know. And, well, you know. She threw a rooftop party this weekend and gave us a lot of side titty action. Full Story

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May 27, 2011 11:57:47 Posted at May 27, 2011 11:57:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Look, I have, happily, never been arrested, yet, and I don’t know all that many people with that experience and certainly never in Southern California so I have no idea which is why I’m wondering… Do they measure and weigh you when you’re getting booked? Yesterday Lindsay LOHAN checked herself in with the cops to get her ankle monitor and start her house arrest situation – 35 days, major eye roll –and TMZ Full Story

He’s a dick but it’s kinda true

April 28, 2011 09:34:37 Posted at April 28, 2011 09:34:37
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Alex Pettyfer reminds me of the quarterback or whatever lead athlete character in a high school sports movie who cannot deal with losing and, like, ends up roughing up his ex-girlfriend, the cheerleader, who is now dating the new kid in town. It’s such a cliché, but that doesn’t mean archetypes don’t exist. Full Story

Lindsay LOHAN: Oscar again

April 27, 2011 06:47:00 Posted at April 27, 2011 06:47:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Every few months or so she’s at it – bringing up Oscar, like it’s some kind of foregone conclusion. Lindsay LOHAN can’t stay out of court, but somehow she thinks she’s going to win an Oscar? And by the time she’s 30? This is what she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last night, you know, after she regurgitated all the sh-t you’re supposed to say when you’ve f-cked up: I’ve taken responsibility, I made mistakes, I’ve learned, I’m better… Are you? It’s a goddamn script. Full Story

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Lindsay LOHAN gets it in the ass

April 25, 2011 06:26:31 Posted at April 25, 2011 06:26:31
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I was at the airport in Vancouver getting ready for my flight to London on Friday when the news crossed my blackberry that Lindsay LOHAN was sentenced to 120 days in jail. Once upon a time that would have been, like, breaking and urgent. Now it’s just a *kanye shrug*. But big f-cking ups to Judge Stephanie Sautner for giving it to her in the ass. Full Story

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Lindsay LOHAN: beg or scam?

April 21, 2011 07:34:15 Posted at April 21, 2011 07:34:15
Lainey Posted by Lainey

She was cut from the Gotti movie yesterday because her team was f-cking around with demands. Click here for a refresher. Couple hours later, producer Marc Fiore announced that the sh-t was back on, that Lohan came crawling back and “single-handedly put it all together. Full Story

What a dumb bitch

April 20, 2011 12:00:55 Posted at April 20, 2011 12:00:55
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay LOHAN somehow found someone who was willing to give her an acting job. A real acting job. Marc Fiore, producer of the Gotti biopic, crazily enough, went on record as saying she was his first choice. That she deserved a fifth chance to put her sh-t back together and he wanted to provide that opportunity. Full Story

Lindsay LOHAN: role-stalking Blake Lively

April 14, 2011 07:03:13 Posted at April 14, 2011 07:03:13
Lainey Posted by Lainey

There was a ridiculously funny story that appeared in Page Six today about Lindsay Lohan and the sh-t she’s peddling right now. As you know, Lohan is supposed to play Victoria Gotti in the Gotti biopic. The only reason she’s getting that job is because her family and the Gottis are tight. Full Story