Lupita or Boring?

June 3, 2014 15:28:20 Posted at June 3, 2014 15:28:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Larry Busacca/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Mike Coppola/ Getty

Lupita Nyong’o wore something you probably hate to the CFDAs last night. Me? I’m all over it. The makeup. The colours. The shorts/pants. The length of the shorts/pants. I mean, it’s a fashion event. Why bother with a strapless ball gown or some forgettable cocktail dress that you couldn’t tell apart from everybody else?

And especially on the day that it’s announced that you’ll be in the new Star Wars movie.

Now I need this for The Social. I tried something similar on the show last week – click here. Not feeling it are you? Gross? Ugly? Stupid-looking? I would totally do it again but with a pair of shorts that wrinkled less easily. Like Lupita’s.

And then there’s Blake Lively. Boring Blake Lively but your mother would love it, wouldn’t she? She’d love the headband and the country club hair. She’d love the cuteness. She’d love those disgusting pink suede round-toe platforms. Here’s a question one should always ask before shoe selection: would Heidi Montag put these on?

If the answer is yes, step away.

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